The Unauthorized Biography of Dick Cheney

American Vice-President Dick Cheney has walked the corridors of world power for three decades. Cheney’s remarkable life story involves the relentless accumulation of power in every form. Elected for a second term, he continues to be one of the most powerful and well-connected men in the world. The fifth estate will show how he accomplished this, what it involved in terms of costs for others and what history’s judgment could be.

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  1. Oh my god, these liberal cowards are so jealous of other people’s success.

  2. My here “o”. Read: zero.

  3. america fuck yeah…

  4. Cheney isn’t jewish…are you people crazy?

  5. you can not make logical reasonable arguments with someone who can not find their own country on a map!

  6. coincidence he happens to be a muslim also? I think not! After all if you truly look at who has all the influence, it is the Arabs. If Jews had any control, like so many say with the media, banks, et al ,then there would be no such thing as bad press on Israel. The Saudis own this government, Cheney too. They own a percentage of twitter, fox news and so many other things, so let’s get real shall we. Cheney and all the rest are arabists plain and simple, it’s all about the oil, etc. and the jooooos don’t have any.

  7. coincidence he happens to be a jew also, I think not!

  8. @Peter…..I pray for that too, Peter. But, it’ll never happen. Americans are way too selfish, uneducated, willfully ignorant due to the mass media controlled by corporations, and things will only get worse. Besides, IMO, there will be no such thing as “America” as we know it in the near future. There will be the implementation of the NWO, run by the corporate elites, and “America” will become a myth. Evil will always prevail because it has a stronger will to survive. Pessimistic? Maybe. But, I believe that as we all become a bit more aware of the truth, those evil Muthafudgers will oppress us with a force greater than than we can possibly oppose. To quote one of my mentors, “I’ve seen the future, brother. It is murder.” Leonard Cohen

  9. This is what you get for enabling top government officials to involve with any multi-million companies. The bottom line is not to serve the people but to serve these corporations.

    I’m sure one day Americans will understand the problem and would enforce some kind of law to prevent government employees to hold any stakes in private profit driven organisation.

  10. Dick Cheney=War Criminal

  11. I hope we don’t fall for this war mongering crap this time around with Iran.