The Vice Guide To Travel: Liberia

What Andy Capper, Vice UK Editor, is saying about the film: “We arrived in Liberia with a small crew of three and quickly rendezvoused with a local journalist who would be our fixer and guide. Our first shooting location was the West Point slum, home to 80,000 people living in conditions that redefine squalor. Miles of rotting garbage surround the slum, which has no sewage system.

Pretty much everyone — even the local government officials — defecates and urinates in the open. Drugs, prostitution and armed robbery are the main industries. We got to know some of the residents of West Point, who told us their stories as they smoked heroin and cocaine and begged us for money.

Next we visited a local brothel. The women who lived there talked with us about the U.N. soldiers who have sex with the child prostitutes and beat the older women, and then leave without paying.

But perhaps the most revelatory portions of our trip to Liberia came from meeting the major warlords of the nation’s civil wars. There’s a tradition in Liberian militias of taking on extravagant noms de guerre. Hence, our subjects were named General Bin Laden, General Rambo and General Butt Naked. The latter, in particular, was one of the most notorious Liberian warlords. He claims to have personally killed 20,000 people including babies, and to have sometimes cannibalized his victims.

Today, General Butt Naked goes by his birth name, which is Joshua. During our time together, he told us that Liberia will surely implode into civil war again when the U.N. leaves next year. But in the meantime, Joshua wants to redeem himself. He offered us a glimpse of the Liberia that he wants to forge, and we found ourselves growing to like him. He took us to his church, where he rehabilitates child soldiers. We watched as he preached his way through Monrovia on a Sunday.

Is there a chance that his mission will succeed, and further civil war can be averted in this desperate country? That’s one of the many questions that we came away with upon our safe return from Liberia. Watch our documentary about our time there and see what you think.”

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  1. Imagine this is the future.

  2. maybe if gas oil iridium uranium found.america or europe

  3. Remember the part where they were talking about their American military training and how after the war, they were discarded (typical MO) and were willing to ‘fight’ in Iraq, but were blocked. It would have been an international PR disaster to have let these crazy canaanedibles loose over there until they were ‘civilised’ through christianity. Now they’ll be eligible, following the bloody mayhem of UN withdrawal, to join Xe as bone fide’ members of the American Military. Black waters, indeed.

  4. Another shitty docu from vice, this is just poverty porn, no message no history, context or analysis just a bunch of white guys from america going to the developed world to hunt out how shitty and messed up it is.

    They go to gutter to bathe in it and nothing more.

  5. “Drugs, Political Violence, and Prostitution – these are all a product of America”

    Ahhhh simplistic thinking, tempting, though blatantly false. What about Opium and China? Stalin and Russia? And prostitution is, as they say, “the oldest proffesion”.

    Blaming only “them” for the worlds problems is a tried and true method of zealots and bigots everywhere. No need to engage with the complexities of history and the human condition. With this techniqe of self and societal delusion, all evil’s can be thrown in a box, and in this case, the box is labeled “American Imperialism”.

    In one fell swoop, we separate the pure “us” from the corrupt and manipulative “them”. How invigorating to know that the bad things in the world are not of our making. How comforting to see the clear line dividing black from white, with no confusing grey to complicate the illusion.

    Go back to sleep.

    • Stalin was British educated, programmed and supported by America and The West. Bolshevic Rev ignited by 300 NY yids. So yes, Anglo-American Alliance.
      Opium and China? Britain, dear boy. Prostitution? The oldest profession dates back to the first civilisation (i.e. building open prisons called cities, imprisoning people as citizens who then had no option other than to prostitute their labour in return for …. well, same as today). Before ‘civilisation’ and the city sewage system of control, we did very well indeed, thank you. Prostitution per se would only be possible once the human being was designated a commodity, via the civilising city system. ‘They’ say a lot of things. ‘They’ gave us the idea of nationalism in order to fight in their armies for some ideal. Nowt changed.

      Yes, actually in this case, as the man says, all training was AMERICAN. Cannabilism, child blood ritual sacrifice. America is run by Israel and the tenets of freemasonic/talmudic ritual and law prevalent throughout the power structures in the West. Surely you know about the CIA flooding American ghettos with crack and the military are always busy doing this business worldwide to mess with the youth, given guns. God Bless America and Brittania rules the slaves.

      As for the human condition, we are the most studied and experimented upon species on Earth and have been since the psychos recognised our power as a threat. We’re talking thousands of years …. how to break a human is a fine and now easily accomplished art. Torture based mind kontrol. The negro temperment, just like the European or any tribal (now easily manipulated ‘cultural’) bonding, affiliation, ritual, law, tradition has been rent asunder, reformed and morphed into the monster we see in Liberia as a small example. It’s the old MAD game we’re all playing, at ‘their’ command.

      What is so sickening, is to see this save-my-bare-sorry-butt ‘hailin’ the lawd and seein the light. Utter corruption – killin souls instead of bodies, preachin passivism instead of unified activism, same world over. And the UN looks on, fucks it sideways then goes …..

      It is a shitty documentary, as we stare at our reflections before we face the eyes of these killers in our midst.

  6. A very challenging film! Certainly not for the faint at heart. We need to be in prayer for and support the positive efforts that are going on in Liberia.

  7. Drugs, Political Violence, and Prostitution – these are all a product of America. Poor Africans, no wonder most Arab countries hated you so much!

  8. Before Caucasian colonists brought civilization to Africa, genocidal wars were common there, and about one-third of black Africans were enslaved by other black Africans. When the black Africans gained independence, they replaced law and order with violent anarchy because their average IQ level is only 70 and because there is correlation between low IQ and high crime rate. The average IQ level can be raised with sperm banks. Other problems can be solved by Western managers and Western police.

    • You are a retard. There were wars within the African continent between various tribes and groups, but not on this scale. And not with such devastating weapons which were invented and brought in courtesy of the West. In addition to that the most gracious west is responsible for almost every powerful drug in existence today, including those the Liberians are addicted to. You are a retard. There was slavery, which was the case worldwide. And no it wasn’t 1/3 of the African continent. You are a retard. The average African IQ is not 70, yours probably is, as I have been suggesting. Africa was not the hell much of it is today, this is due to the ridiculous imposition of Western systems which didn’t work that replaced their traditional systems which they were doing fine with. You are a retard. Women were not prostitutes, children were not snorting brown brown and shooting each other. Now they are, and it is a near DIRECT result of western influence.


      • Do you have a stammer? Or did I catch that right; he’s a retard? OK got it. Why don’t you just get your gun out and shoot him? Way to go.

    • white liberal

      – your comments stink of racism, clean up that shit

      • Maybe (s)he’s being sarcastic and failing to deliver? If not, (s)he’s not well versed in historical reality, as before the Europeans started enslaving the Africans, there had long been a tradition (and still is) of slavery by the Arabs. Tsk tsk.