The Virgin Daughters

Cutting Edge explores the purity movement in America, where one girl in every six pledges to remain a virgin, or to save her first kiss, until her wedding day.

Award-winning documentary-maker Jane Treays investigates whether this decision is made by the girls themselves or their parents, and follows a group of fathers and daughters as they prepare to attend a `purity ball’ in Colorado Springs, run by Randy Wilson and his wife Lisa.


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  1. sounds like a club for over protective fathers at one point some dad was talking away about how cool it would be for his girl to only kiss one boy her future husband … and the camera was kind of showing the poor girls face while her dads going on like “wont that be just neato” “zero boys till I approve of some nice christian boy for you to farm grand kids with, for me and your mother”

    • Would you rather her whoring out with you and your friends until her womb is contaminated with cancer to the core? What’s your final aim exactly? For they are not toys, you know!

      • i’m not a Doctor but i’m pretty sure sex doesn’t cause cancer and no I personally am not involved in what ever you were describing in your comment.

  2. Personally, I’ve chosen to wait until after marriage because of my faith. That doesn’t mean I judge people that don’t make the same choice as I do. For me, trusting God doesn’t end with believing he died for us, trusting him means trusting all the suggestions he put in place, and that he created those with our best interest in mind. So when he says “hey, wait.” I trust that it’s whats best for me. I said ‘suggestion’ because even if you choose to have sex before marriage, God doesn’t hate you. You’re not going to hell. He loves you. So it’s all about personal preference, no need to attack each other.

  3. Most guys here commenting coz they are annoyed and want to sleep with as many girls as they can .. It modesty and purity took place they won’t be able to do that anymore ūüôĀ

  4. Subhan allah .. Allah gave us the cure 1400 years ago .He sent Jesus and Mohammed peace be upon them and taught us how to act lower our gaze . have modesty .. etc
    In the west sadly it’s very “wild ” this i sone of the reason why more than half of them get divorced . Lower ur gaze guys and girls try to wear modest clothes ..Be like a family and think of the men .. Help them to lower their gaze .That’s what Real muslims do .

  5. Truly disturbing.

    Where’s the Purity Ball for boys with their mothers?

    This is just like Islam. Sexism. Women are trophies that need to be protected.

    Every one of the dads in the doc, look like all the loser nerds I used to bully at school. Over-combed hair, cheap jeans and mobiles in leather holsters on their too-wide belts. They look like incestuous paedos coveting their own underage daughters.

    Pass the sick bucket

    • It’s better to be like Islam . do u prefer to live like animals ? and sleep with anyone ?
      The modest girl will ofcourse save her body and not act like a slut same goes for men ūüôā But i guess some people prefer to act like animals

  6. Is not about Christianity or morality. Is about protecting these poor girls from the disastrous results of “dating”. Is something men invented so they can use and fool women to get what they want and toss them aside like used garbage bags. They have no conscious no responsibilities no obligation to honor these women they disgrace by dating them. And we women like idiots accept it. I agree with my mother when she was telling me they won’t buy the cow if they get the milk for free. When women are “independent” meaning dress like second class street whores going to clubs which are worst than whorehouses and date then they shouldn’t expect men to respect them or take them serious. You have sex with a man you lose all the power and have no control anymore. I’m not a virgin nor I was when I got married. I made mistakes that now I bitterly regret and bang mu head against the wall . This “dating” disgrace left me irreversibly damaged with a lot of bitterness. I know girls have hormones and urges but someone should tech them how damaging and nerve wrecking relationships and boyfriends are. For their own protection.

    • I can’t tell whether you hate women or men more. Basically your argument is that women are sexless and too stupid to know what’s good for them and men are predatory beasts.

      Get a grip.

  7. looks like it all about men’s fantasies

  8. Just a thought… If this is in the name of Christian faith, why isn’t all the money spent on these events going to helping the poor? “Prosperity gospel” is a dangerous thing and smacks of an inward-focused reading of the Bible, which is even more dangerous when paired with the arbitrary legalism that concepts like “purity” promote.

    Meanwhile, what about the girls who don’t have dads? Didn’t Jesus call people to the minorities? This is so warped on so many levels. Good on them for wanting to protect their daughters, but there are far healthier ways to do so, for them, their daughters (meanwhile, how about the mothers?) and for the wider community.

  9. this just makes me feel sick.

  10. You actually make it seem so easy together with your presentation however I find this matter to be really one thing which I feel I might by no means understand. It kind of feels too complicated and extremely vast for me. I’m having a look forward on your next submit, I will attempt to get the hang of it!

  11. why not give love to your daughter no matter what she does? why should she have to live in a way that their fathers most likely did not, and be less experienced and emotionally prepared than the man she’ll likely end up with? this is disgusting and not the message of unconditional love.

  12. 9:05 “it’s one of the 10 commandments” o.o what bible are they teaching those girls????

  13. $10 bucks says they have no friends

  14. are some of those children even old enough to understand the concept of purity?

  15. So basically, just because the fathers were manwhores in their younger years they’re denying their daughters to develop a healthy and reasonable stance on the physical part of relationships.Yeah… thumbs up for great parenting.

  16. First thought: why is it that these parents push virginity instead of giving their daughters the right to really choose their sexual nature? why is it that the parents are even pushing any religion? freedom = love and love = freedom. They were born into a pre-determined box. A blinded form of experiencing their own existence and place in the world. It is most important to make your own choices. Putting your child behind mental fences is not love, it is not protection, it is selfish and lacking the ability to see a bigger picture.

    Second Thought: why is it so blatantly sexist? why are young boys not promised to their mothers to remain virgins? This is so alike many other religions. I was in Indonesia getting a ride from a Muslim friend and he was saying that he had to break up with the love of his life because there was a huge problem. I asked what was the problem and he said “well she was not a virgin.” So of coarse I responded with “well are you?” ….”no” he replied meekly. Why is this not expected of the men? why are the father figures blatantly sluts (oh it’s ok because I’m a man, but my daughter here is a virgin till she’s married…wtf ….obvious hypocrite) and stop trying to live vicariously through your daughter! Who care’s if you were sexually active back in the day, you are the one being sadistic now.

    Third Thought: These girls are brainwashed into thinking that the person they “first kiss” will be the answer. They are willing to put all their eggs into one basket and rely on this instead of themselves or the world. Well maybe god…hahah!

    Fourth Thought: The dads want their daughters to basically choose a man like them. Selfish…. Incestuous….Wow going out of your comfort zone is really that scary to trust your daughter to choose a man for herself. To trust your daughter to gain character. I’m ending with a quote “Until we lose ourselves there is no hope of finding ourselves”

  17. I think its just the dads obsession with their little girls not growing up… they know what they did at that age now they fear what other men will do… like some of you have said… why not focus on raising the boys the right way to treat the girls right in the first place? and how many boys do this ritual with their moms? swearing their moms to protect their virginity?

  18. What these people do not realise is that the men are groomed to become narcissists and the women submissive baby machines/pleasure machines, Babysitters and cleaning ladies.

    When is this divide between men and women going to be made illegal? This way of thinking is destructive. I grew up in a very liberal home, making my own choices between right and wrong (for the most part), and I still have this ability to unconsciously be sexist. Why is that??

    Through generations and generations we have this engrained image of what a woman should be and this seriously needs to stop. The main issue with today’s society is that the women who try and instil this new way of thinking are guilty of imposing not the same but a different double standard where women should be equal but at the same time have different privileges to men.
    Only when both sexes fully let go of societal preconception and treat each other without considering gender can there be a equal playing field.

  19. Sick! These girls are turned into robots… Hannah (11:20) seems like she has been taught this speech… Great going America, after criticizing every single effing civilization on this world about how they handle human rights and women rights…
    What happens when the sex is absolutely NOTHING to them? It doesn’t matter, does it? Because liking sex is impure.. I wonder if the parents had pure sex all their lifes
    What happens if the husband proves to be someone with particular … wishes.. What if they are weirdos/perverts.. whatever?
    I don’t know, I’m not saying being a virgin until you love someone is bad, it’s not.. But marriage is such a HUGE commitment… and not even kissing, touching before, is so risky to the health of the relationship.
    All that aside, it’s just creepy that the parents, and especially the fathers get so involved is their daughter’s sex life.. I mean, deciding for the kids?! Bleah

  20. “i’ve kissed but one man in my life”… who has probably kissed a whole lot of other women, but that’s not important at all.

  21. First the fathers own their daughter’s sexuality, then the husbands own it. It’s a shame that at no point in these girls lives are they in control of their own bodies.

  22. This is so ridiculously creepy. I find it so weird that the fathers are so obsessed with keeping their daughters “pure” and making sure they are virgins in a total sense of the word. I know that my Dad can be protective of me, but he also trusts me to make the right decisions for myself and for what I believe in. This documentary literally made me shudder. A father should not be THIS involved in his daughters “sexual” life (if you would call kissing sexual). Colorado Springs is the headquarters for the evangelical church in America, that is why it is so insane. Funnily enough, one of the most liberal colleges is in this town (Colorado College). I would never understand these types of people. I pity these children and the brainwashing they are being put through.

  23. To be honest, that’s a better lifestyle choice than the typical Westernised way. Healthy father and daughter relationships, setting a high standard for a partner, respect for parents and setting high expectations are just a few of what the lifestyle promotes. If you ask me it depicts the ‘Asian Parenting’ except for the fact that the parents from the Virgin Daughters express their affection and reason out why they behave in a certain manner.

    I wish it covered more though in the sense that how are the girls at school and their achievements.

  24. Yeah yeah, just make sure these poor girls know they are the¬†possessions¬†of men for their entire lives! My dad used to tell me what a good idea Uni would be when I was in my teens, not tell me marriage was the be all and end all. He also would enquire in a¬†positive¬†way, as to weather or not I had a boyfriend and if I did he was happy for me. Consequently we have a great relationship, where we get along as equals, and friends, not as ‘daddy’ and ‘little Princess’, like it seems with these weirdos and their adult daughters. The relationship these girls have with their dads is plain weird and makes me feel a little uneasy, almost like it’s incest or something, emotional incest if anything, if that is a real thing. I pity all the females concerned it this¬†farcical¬†lifestyle.

  25. What is all this¬†nonsense¬†about a ‘wholesome, healthy life’? Why are these girls letting themselves be defined by what’s between their legs? There is nothing ’empowering’ or feminist about this practice, the girls are being told that their virginity is a form of capital and they should save it up, like you would do with cash. This practice encourages sexual ignorance and has a strong¬†misogynistic¬†undercurrent. Like many of other¬†commenters¬†have said … where are the ‘virgin sons’?

    • Exactly, someone who eats well, exercises a lot, doesn’t drive or gamble, eschews drugs and educates their mind but sleeps with someone different every week (with the right protection) is living a pretty healthy lifestyle as far as I can see!

  26. i wish i would have waited. i regret losing my virginity everyday

  27. You know, the US really is a free country.¬† I like that it allows anyone to be as crazy they want, and no one is going to do anything to them.¬† What’s more, the US actually does have free speech.

  28. What the Fuck do they put in the water in Colorado Springs??

  29. ignorance like that truly scares me. it seems as if only women have to be “pure,” whatever that even means- otherwise they aren’t worth as much? because women are commodities? the whole thing just creeps me out.

  30. When I was 20 years old, I was a virgin and I had no desire to go to a bar and I lived at home. But my dad didn’t have anything to do with it. Comic books were so much more appealing than boys. I bet there are many things that girls find to be more appealing than sex or other “impure” things those fathers are afraid of. Why force the girls to be princesses when they could be finding out about all the wonders of the world and what it is that interests them. They can be so much more. Those interesting things could lead to anything. I’m going to have partly self-published comic book next autumn. And only things I needed from my father was support and occasional ride to library and of course drawing materials when I was a kid.

  31. They talk as though their daughters virginity is something they have to protect in case it is stolen or taken from them as opposed to something she has control over and the right to share with someone else. Messed up and sad.

  32. “do you expect a boy to wait?” <- key question for this whole little practice

  33. I think this was sickening. Yes it is in the bible for one to wait until marriage, but in all honesty, how many of us actually did wait until marriage. The truth is we are sexual human beings, we were made to reproduce, and that in essence is the purpose of our lives. If you wait till marriage and it is YOUR choice, by all means stand by it. But if your forces to believe that at an age when you still think boys have “cooties”, thats unfair for the girl to make a valid decision for herself. Also the parents giving permission, thats not right, these daughters should be old enough to know their partners. Besides, whats up with his daughters being engaged and married within a year? It takes a lot more than a year to know if that someone is really the one. How many of us have been in a relationship longer than half a year, and found out that person wasn’t right for us?

  34. How can prohibiting contact with the opposite half of humanity prepare these girls for life? There’s more ways of doing that than making them wear a burka.

  35. What Western American Male would “buy’ the goods¬†so ¬†to speak without having at least kissed the the woman?

  36. Also, why does the parent has to “approve” before you can date someone? You are suppose to validate when you are dating, and not being validated before you go on dates. It’s like judging a book by its cover.

    And jessica is a good example of why having sex is a very natural process and not to wait till you get married. People in our generation marry LATE (20-30s), whereas people in the biblical times probably marry in their teens. Waiting times are different people! 

    The parent say like it is for the sake of their daughters’ happiness to practice abstinence, but when their daughters break the pledge, like in Jessica’s case, they end up having an estranged relationship. The parents seem to dictate their daughters’ ¬†lives rather than genuinely want their girls to be happy. It’s like their way or the high way, what choice can their daughters have? The daughter have to suffer in the end, but oh well, that’s life.

    And precisely that she doesn’t know any “safe” practices, she only know’s “save”.¬†

    I get mad as I am typing… should not have watched this!

  37. Heart breaks and challenges in life are part of how I developed my maturity. So I probably don’t agree 100% with this documentary. I wouldn’t want my parents to shelter me to the degree of my love life. & why has this gotta be focused on the girls? Where are the purity boys?¬†

  38. This is unfortunate. These dads are teaching their daughters that if they follow these rules they will never experience the problems or pain that could be experienced from pre-marital sex (broken heart, stds, unwanted pregnancy), but all of those things could just as easily happen if you follow the rules. They are setting them up with an unrealistic fantasy of romance, while inflicting a kind of creepy dominant male fantasy on them (women MUST be virgins, men not necessarily) . What are these girls going to do if their husband has an affair and they contract an STD? Or they never find this vision of a man they have been taught to hold out for? I think it’s great that they are focusing on instilling these girls with a lot of self worth and self respect, but they still need to be given the freedom and education to make that decision for themselves. I can see how that fantasy is appealing since the world is a scary, abusive, hyper sexual place, and these parents want to shield their kids from that. Unfortunately in the real world things don’t always work out the way that these people seem to want them to. I wish they would focus more on teaching men how to treat women properly, as opposed to teaching women how to be virgins.

  39. Yes Yes “how special would it be to say I’ve kissed but one man in my life”. But what about “I’ve kissed but one girl in my life” ? Quite impossible

  40. One girl said that one of the ten commandments is not to be intimate before your wedding. Umm, which one? None of them…

  41. One girl said that one of the ten commandments is not to be intimate before your wedding. Umm, which one? None of them…

  42. One girl said that one of the ten commandments is not to be intimate before your wedding. Umm, which one? None of them…

  43. what if one of their daughters were gay?

  44. Wow…powerful documentary!
      One one hand, it is wonderful to see an emphasis on women being valued (as stated, at least).  And it is good to see the strong relationship between parents and children.
    ¬†¬† On the other hand…it is absolutely heartbreaking!¬† The girl who got pregnant, the control some of the fathers exercise over their daughters, the lack of emphasis on the “correct” behavior of the sons…

    All in all, I am grateful that I did not grow up with this…and I wish all those involved the very best!

  45. do they think that their husbands will throw them a ball every night just to let them know that they love them… no wonder some women are so demanding. and the whole “relationship”… that is no bloody relationship, thats just some freak telling you what he wants you to think. can you imagine fucked things these men would do in their spare time? this was a great doco… just shows how fucked up America is, of course not all of it but who the fuck thinks of this stuff!

  46. I’m only four minutes in and I’m¬†already¬†squicked out.¬†

  47. I’m only four minutes in and I’m¬†already¬†squicked out.¬†

  48. My problem with this whole idea is that young children, who have not yet had a chance to form their OWN opinion are being brought into this, and if the have sex, their families turn away from them.  How is that following Christ? People (not just these people) say they are following God, yet they are all intolerant, and un-Christ like. Also, girls sexual educations are being completely ignored and that is not safe for them.

  49. Andrea, I completely agree. That is exactly what my husband and I were just saying!

  50. I stopped watching around 3 minutes in when the girls were carrying a phallic symbol on their shoulders.

    Ignorant fools.

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