The War in Iraq, Through Photographers Eyes

A group of elite conflict photographers have banded together under the photo agency, VII, in an effort to uncover the true meaning of the Iraq War.

In the wake of September 11, the VII agency was formed by award-winning veteran photographer James Nachtwey and colleagues, and has since covered the site at Ground Zero, the invasion of Afghanistan and the Iraq War since America plunged headlong into its “War Against Terror. ” For Nachtwey, the accumulated experience of nearly a quarter century of war photography began crystallizing into a vision centered around Ground Zero. Come with us as we discover what this vision was, delve into respective war photographers’ thoughts and actions in the heat of battle, as well as how the face of war has changed since 9/11.

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  1. you know we are so wored about how they fill over there. how about how we felt when they killed are people. They bomed us and did not build anything back up for us but we do it for them. Tell me what about they way are people fill.

    • Your English is very good considering it is your 2nd language (and the hardest written and non tribal language in the world to learn too) so well done!
      I believe what you”re trying to say was;

      People are so worried how many were killed on 9/11 on that day but nobody seems to care how YOU and YOUR PEOPLE feel with all of the killing that occurred when they come and bombed or shot innocent civilians?
      Then after your villages and towns were bombed, they didn’t come back to repair the damage or even pay anything to help rebuild what they had destroyed with their bombs.

      I believe that’s what you were saying?

      The answer is simple my friend……MONEY. Sadly, most evil always IS about money.

      I will give you an example.
      George W Bush kept telling the world that Saddam Hussein was, “hiding weapons of mass destruction”. He never shut up about it!!
      After invading Iraq, emptying villages, displacing millions of people, ground combat and constant bombings of villages and towns, almost completely destroying Iraq, how many, “Weapons of mass destruction did they find?
      Did the West come back and repair ANY of the damage or help rebuild Iraq?
      EXACTLY THE SAME IN AFGHANISTAN and their 20 year war achieved NOTHING but even MORE PEOPLE DIED (Americans, Brittish, Aussies ect, Afghani men, women and children who WERE NOT TERRORISTS than died on 9/11!)
      Ridiculous isn’t it?

      I am not saying that you are an Afghanis, it’s only an example

      I think the last part you are saying that the Afghanistan people that HELPED BUILD the massive infrastructure the West NEEDED over there.The Afghanis that helped the West build a small cities so they could stay there so long but no western country stayed back to help rebuild or repair the damage THEY DID.
      The West also gave no money ( or if they did, it was nowhere near enough money.
      You have an excellent point. We are ALL THE SAME ON THE INSIDE. We all bleed red, we cry the same tears and feel the same pain.

      Many people forget that just because people aren’t American (or from the West) doesn’t mean that they don’t suffer. We ALL are capable of suffering and it doesn’t matter what country you are born in, we are ALL human beings.

      Keep practising your English and you will go far. I would love to help you learn (no money) one on one as I was an English teacher but I don’t think I would be allowed to tell you how to email me here?

    • What language are you speaking?

  2. Keep working ,great job!

  3. This documentary about the way a group of photographers responded to their experiences, and what their images compel from that experience. This is not a documentary based on factual analysis of the causes for the Iraq and Afghan campaigns. It is based on experience, and I found the images to be interesting. I have looked through many photographic journals, but it is quite insightful to hear the opinions of the people who took the photos. This has nothing to do with justifying war–it is an analysis.

  4. This documentary might form the illusion, that the attack on iraq had anything to do with 9/11. THIS IS WRONG!
    The only reason for conquering the iraq was the attemted control of the iraqi oil. Even Afganistan only had a very very vague connection to 9/11, since the al quaida-network is not basically locatet in afganisthan, but is a worldwide organisation. So you might as well attack france. By not making a clear historical cut to those events this documentary is at the bare edge of propaganda.

    • 911 was used as a pretext for waging war (for oil) with the countries who were protecting those “responsible”. Let me tell you, you don’t find those responsible by declaring war on an entire country. What right did they have in making decisions for another country, apart from might right? No fucking right. Liberators?, my arse. Instigators, Liars, Tormentors. Zombie devils. Any fucking dumbass knows that war only causes more of the same and that’s what feeds and is feeding the military corporate machine.They sell weapons to countries and then start up some shit with them. They’re ruthless and unstoppable. They’re almost indestructible. Bunch of untouchable war-mongerin’ cunts. So, if your American and this is what you stand for, this is how you use your freedoms, the right to bear arms down upon other nations, for whatever fucking deceitful reason, to trample on others in the name of money, If you think this is what freedom grants you, then you’re in for a nasty fucking shock mutherfuckers, cause Mother Nature sends her regards sooner or later.mwahhahahaha!! Too much?