The World of the Other

Is it possible to break through our ivory tower and reach over to the world of another person or are we completely sealed off within ourselves and no real communication ever happens? Following a group of contemporary artists in Moscow, the film explores the idea of art as communication.

Artists: Alina Gutkina, Gosha Ostretsov, Alexei Buldakov, Valery Chtak, ABC Group, Yulia Zhdanova, Dmitri Teselkin, Rostan Tavasiev

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  1. bull shit, I watched it in russian and I’m shocked of stupidity of the artists. How can you present the project and in the beginning of the move say that I dint know what will be there but i will fined? How can you bring art but you don’t know what you want to say? This is all fake. It sucked of the finger. Look around, spend some time watching the project of real artists.

  2. beautiful ending. And implies everything art is

  3. i enjoyed it. thx

  4. i enjoyed it. thx

  5. That isn’t real at all

  6. That isn’t real at all

  7. God bless the young artists, they are our last hope…! ┬áLove you all.