The World’s Most Expensive Paintings

Go inside the glittering world of the super-rich as art critic Alastair Sooke tracks down the ten most expensive paintings to sell at auction. This film tells the stories behind the astronomical prices of art, and why the world’s richest people want to spend their millions on it.

Sooke enters a world of secrecy and rivalry, passion and power. The documentary features works by Picasso, Monet, Renoir, Van Gogh, Klimt and Rubens; a visit to the art-crammed home of millionaire author Lord Archer; a rare interview with the man at the heart of the sale of the most expensive old master of all time and a glimpse of the world of the Russian oligarchs.
The World’s Most Expensive Paintings an eye-opening view of the super wealthy, and their motivations as collectors of the world’s great art treasures.

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  1. Very interesting. Amazing stories. Thank you!

  2. Love this! Thank you.

  3. Excellent documentary – unfortunately the rating system seems broken – it’s a 10 in my book!
    As an aside: What really astonished me was how few of the top 10 I really would want hanging above my fireplace,,,, but that’s beauty for you: entirely in the eye of the beholder…….

  4. This makes me want to paint. Happily, real art still rules over abstract pretence. I took away these two lessons from this fascinating doc: (1) the history of a painting has much to do with what dealers will pay for it; (2) paying over 70 million dollars for a painting and then dying before you get a chance to hang it is the story of Ecclesiastes in a modern nutshell.