The World’s Saddest Dance

The World’s Saddest Dance is a documentary that explore’s the old Bulgarian tradition of Dancing Bears. In this short film I investigate the way’s in which the bears were once treated and the cruelty involved within this form of street entertainment. Whilst on my journey, I also spend some time with one bear owner to understand his ways of life and how this tradition once became his livelihood.

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  1. How long are we going to tolerate this?……
    beyond despicable

  2. koneye, yes it was from a long time ago, this documentary isn’t saying otherwise! of course much of it has stopped in Bulgaria, but you can’t say it has completely!!

  3. screw this, i want to see a dancing bear!

  4. What is this anyway? I lived in Bulgaria for 8 years, and I never heard of this. Also, the translation.. smh.

  5. 1st of all , it is NOT “an old Bulgarian” tradition.
    2nd Dancing bears (aka tame bears) is a thing from a long long time ago -> /wiki/Tame_bear
    3rd Who the fuck wrote the translation captions , really

  6. Progress. We humans need to respect ALL forms of life. That is the true nature of being human, that is what separates us from non sentient animals.