The Worlds Strictest Parents: Australia

No matter where you go in the world it seems teenagers will be teenagers. Like Britain and America, Australia has its fair share of unruly teens that suffer from extreme mood swings, are hard to administer discipline to and generally keep on an even keel. That’s where the social experiment at the heart of World’s Strictest Parents comes in.

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  1. I think the difficulty they will face when they get home is having respect for their parents because their parents need to be worthy of respect. The Colemans earnt their respect by being consistent and fair. If their parents at home can’t be consistent and fair, the respect mightn’t be as easily given and the results may not be as likely to stick long term. The kids definitely needed to learn what was and wasn’t appropriate, but I hope someone was aiding the parents as well.

  2. great docu…..i belive god was the gides of the new family…..bless them for that !

  3. Emily seemed like she had a big heart and just going through some single parents/divorced-child issues.  But, Harry was just bratty.  His parents seemed so nice and as a small boy he probably just needed a good asswhippin from his dad man-to-man and his behaviour as a teenager would have never escalated ..esp pushing his mom and yelling at her wth?? kids are crazy these days..