The World’s Worst Place to Be Gay?

Scott Mills travels to Uganda where the death penalty could soon be introduced for being gay. The gay Radio 1 DJ finds out what it’s like to live in a society which persecutes people like him and meets those who are leading the hate campaign.

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  1. The roots of this intolerance are religious teachings correlated with the amount of education “available” to the individuals at the time the religious lessons were learned. The truth in society can only be dammed like water in a river for so long. There is no greater enemy for the engineer of a dam than water.

  2. omg shocking that people can be so calis my heart go’s out to those people and they need help

  3. I think its sad and heart breaking seeing that people are so ignorant, that they are willing to go out and kill someone without thinking about it. But I think we as the western people have to understand that majority of these  homophobic people are uneducated, even those who are educated, are not educated enough to understand it. I see the same things with my friends here, despite being educated, and living in a liberal nation they still are closed minded about homeosexality and its jus sad. Sure we can say they should look at how the western countries are doing fine with open gay people, however with the Atlantic slave trade, and colonialism these Africa people are having hard time, looking up to us as role models, because all we have ever done to them is cause them pain. In the novel Eating Animals, the author said ” Before you rush off to see everything you can, educate yourself. Don’t trust your eyes. Trust your head” I think they need to educate themselves about these issues, and maybe one we might be seeing a doc on how individuals are free to be gay. 
    Follow me at this blog if you are interested in hearing about human rights and other world issues.

  4. fundamentalist fornicators and theophobes made this documentary. They should be more tolerant, mmkkaaayy

  5. Funny how all of these black men and women are all so homophobic, especially since being gay isn’t a choice.  Wonder what those same African Americans would say if white people were going around and saying blacks should be killed for something they had no control over, like being black?

    • Why is it white gays are always trying to compare homosexual acts to skin color. The gay thoughts are not a choice. No one is talking about punishing people for gay thoughts. It is The dressing effeminete, the lisp, the sleeping with men, the kissing of men is a choice. That is what punishment should and does exist for.

    • Umm that already America

    • You make a good point about choice, though you make it badly.

      Colour s/b irrelevant to it, as should gender as many Ugandan women in the doc express the identical homophobia and hatred that the men do. Did you not watch as far as the radio interview?

      What needs to happen, imo, is the Catholic Church should threaten to excommunicate the entire country if they don’t scrap their bill or any other plan to criminalize homosexuality. As well, the Pope should chastise the nation’s people to stop demonizing homosexuals…get the hate out of their hearts. It’s one thing to believe homosexual behaviour is a sin, but quote another to perpetuate fears about homosexuality being a “new” import from the West which will destroy Ugandan society. Show some love and spread some truth to people hiding behind you to spread hate and fear, Pope!

      • So what of the countries that lready criminalize homosexuality which is the majority of the world. It is actually the catholic bible that teachers the punishment for homosexuality is death, so it;d be impossible for them to be ex-communicated nor would it matter. It is an import from the West, you are not Africa, this view of accepting gays is a western import, it doesn’t even exist in eastern europe where they have banned it as a western import as well. It is an entirely western view limited in scope. How would you feel ig russia and uganda exported their views to america?

    • hahaha, retard…for a start, african americans in uganda? would that make them “african american africans?”. Also, a place where white people killed black people for the sake of being black – oh that’s right, it happened in america! It’s comments such as this that make me very glad to not be american!

    • This has nothing to do with them being black. Also, they are not Americans, therefore they are not “those same African Americans.”

    • Probably the same things the Black Panther Party movement had to say throughout the 50’s/60’s/70’s/etc…

  6. worse than no morality is double morality (usually one for “them” and another for the others) which is usually used by so called “super moral God fearing brainwashers)…
    I’m glad I do not live in fundamental quasi democracy; like land of the sheep and the home of the slave.
    And feel sorry for all brainwashed human beings = zombies.


  7. im hoping people will watch docos like this and change their views on simple matters. i wrote a song about it

  8. Very good doc on a very scary situation