The Wow Signal

Mankind has always been fascinated by the possibility of life beyond Earth, the idea of other civilizations thriving on distant planets captivates the imagination we are driven perhaps by the hope that humanity is not alone in the universe and by science’s promise to always seek the unknown.

On August 15th, 1977 a massive radio telescope operated by the Ohio state university detected an unusually powerful signal from deep space the signal had all the characteristics scientists expected in a transmission from an intelligent extraterrestrial source. The event lasted for 72 seconds and was never heard again named the Wow Signal it was a tantalizing moment in the search for extraterrestrial life and for the relatively young science of radio astronomy.

Directed by: Bob Dawson

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  1. Chills! The Wow Signal just never gets old. That 72-second blip of potential alien communication still ignites my inner sci-fi geek years later. It’s a concrete reminder that the universe is vast and the unknown out there is vast beyond comprehension. a small world cup‘s addictive gameplay and endless replayability will keep you coming back for more.

  2. The univers may be full of intelligent races,but they must forever exist in total ignrance of each other,quarantined by space itself

  3. Long term space travel can only be done without people’s earth suits. Once release (death) we travel through the Universe to our origins.

  4. Wonderful honest documentary by the best peoiple in the game. Good luck SETI.

  5. Very boring documentary about the history and the state as SETI, the central focus being as the name suggests a signal from 1977 that lasted for 72 seconds. I’d say unless you’re obsessed over the science research industry you should skip this one.
    A total waste of time.

  6. sounds like a large-scale money-laundering operation to me – the perfect blag

  7. One of the best documentaries talking about our quest to find the alien civilizations and not only that this documentary discuss about the radio telescopes in a big way.

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