The Yorkshire Ripper

From 1975 up until his conviction in 1981 Peter Sutcliffe or rather “The Yorkshire Ripper”, spread fear throughout Yorkshire in the United Kingdom. He was convicted of murdering 13 women and attempting to murder a further 7 more. Mainly targeting prostitutes, his initial outbreak of violence towards them seems to have been spurred on by the fact that he was swindled out of money by one such lady of the night and her pimp. When interviewed by authorities Sutcliffe claimed that the voice of God had sent him on this “mission” of his.

In January of 1981 Sutcliffe was pulled over by police for driving with false number-plates, when questioned about the killings in the area he willingly confessed to the crimes. At his trail he pleaded not guilty to murder on the grounds of diminished responsibility, this was due to the fact he was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenia. However this defence was rejected by the majority of the jury and he was sentenced to twenty concurrent sentences of life imprisonment. Sutcliffe is currently serving his time in Broadmoor High Security Hospital.

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