There’s Something Wrong With Aunt Diane

In July of 2009 there was a traffic collision which occurred on the Taconic State Parkway, in a town near Briarcliff Manor, New York. The crash happened shortly after 1:30pm on the 26th which was a Sunday and saw eight people killed when a minivan being driving by a 36 year old women known as Diane Schuler crashed head on into an oncoming SUV.

The accident made national headlines and Diane was made out to look like a reckless drunk who lost the plot, taking her own life and several other family members. This being said, Diane’s immediate family have taken great measures in order to attempt to preserve her good name even though some of these people lost their own children in the crash.

Six months after the crash filming for this documentary began, investigating the day in question and overall character of Diane in order to search for answers to a mysterious tragedy.

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  1. Having worked in the Psych/CD clinical environment for many years, I have seen a lot of denial. This family seems to be either incapable of comprehending the toxicoligy results or unable to accept them. Why this happened… She was drunk & high. Period. If her husband is too ignorant to understand, so be it. If he is hoping to off set guilt by association (or legal liability), who knows. This is a tragedy that could have been avoided.

    • Alas, I agree. I read so many comments about this and never watched it til now. Some people don’t understand denial, nor how a person can drink vodka secretly or how booze can hit you very hard all at once. particularly if you have been sipping it over time. One comment on another site said that the “people in the van” would have noticed she was drinking vodka. The “people” were children and she could have easily poured it into a cup and no, they wouldn’t know. I just don’t see any other explanation other than she was extremely impaired and probably never thought it would come to this. Horrible tragedy.


    Everything about this documentary was tragic, starting with the accident and the dogged determination to find some other cause for the last moments of these people’s lives other than what it was.

    Based on the evidence presented in this documentary, there is no mystery to solve here other than why did a normally responsible adult get behind the wheel when she was that impaired? By all accounts, this was not her way. But, multiple toxicology reports are difficult to dispute and I do think that her family just needs to let it go. It’s not good for anyone to keep pushing for a different answer simply because the one that’s there is not acceptable to her loved ones.

    Ultimately, however out of character this was, it happened. With so many lives cut so abruptly short, it doesn’t matter if Diane had a mental lapse or a lot of vodka and weed. The result is still the same and nothing is going to change that.

  3. The pictures of Diane´s corpse were very shocking for me. I´ve never seen something like this in a “respectable” documentary and I think it should be censored, for it is absolutely unneeded and impious to show a human being in that condition. The police covered the victims up from photographers to keep their dignity and then she´s presented in that way. I can´t understand how the family members could let that happen and how they can tolerate that within the movie. (sry for bad language, but I hope i made my point clear)

  4. I did not like the way that the film kept portraying the PI as not sharing the results of the retesting of the tox results. The results appear to have been shared with the husband early on. The husband was in denial (purposely or not) and he led the other poor people on for so long. He is the one that is responsible for the continued suffering of those that are alive. I think the documentary should not have been made and it was a waste of my time when it was known that the retesting facts supported the initial results (and these results were known). End of story… but it took almost two hours of my time to get this information.

  5. Was she eating any fruit as I remember a drunk driver was stopped but hadn’t drank any alcohol the fruit had fermented in his stomach

  6. Husband was cheating..

  7. Maybe the dullness of her personal life had to be destroyed.

    • @OQ
      That is a disgusting comment, do you not realize that? You seem like you’re blaming her. Many people do, so don’t worry, you are not alone in ripping a dead woman to pieces so you feel like you have something to do. “Dull life”? That would be you, not her. She had a full life. What do you have? Leaving horrid comments at 7am on an illegal streaming site? I am leaving comments at 7am, but I don’t deny it. This woman’s life, at least what people can find, has been picked apart. Would you like to be undressed and your life dissected in public? Your comment is clear that you have the mentality and attitude of a child. You are… not a good person.