There’s Something Wrong With Aunt Diane

In July of 2009 there was a traffic collision which occurred on the Taconic State Parkway, in a town near Briarcliff Manor, New York. The crash happened shortly after 1:30pm on the 26th which was a Sunday and saw eight people killed when a minivan being driving by a 36 year old women known as Diane Schuler crashed head on into an oncoming SUV.

The accident made national headlines and Diane was made out to look like a reckless drunk who lost the plot, taking her own life and several other family members. This being said, Diane’s immediate family have taken great measures in order to attempt to preserve her good name even though some of these people lost their own children in the crash.

Six months after the crash filming for this documentary began, investigating the day in question and overall character of Diane in order to search for answers to a mysterious tragedy.

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