The Things I See: Living with Psychosis

A short film by the BBC which sees three people sit down and tell their stories of living with mental health conditions and how they individually manage and deal with delusions which vary from the bizarre and peculiar, to the sinister and terrifying.

Blogger Sophie Eliza began hearing voices at the start of her psychosis and gradually became convinced that a group of people were out to get her. Katy’s experience of psychosis started whilst being bullied in college and it was after eventually being sectioned that her most frightening delusions began. Unlike Katy and Sophie, Ed experienced a single episode of psychosis, centred on the delusional belief that he was a sinner.

Understanding the true reality of mental illness and dysmorphic delusions is something that is very hard to comprehend if you haven’t experienced these conditions first hand. Through their moving and personal accounts, and through dramatic reconstruction and visual effects, Sophie, Katy and Ed share their experiences in this intimate, poignant and at times challenging documentary.

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  1. I had one last year and I can tell you this : the documentary tells the truth. It lasted 1 month and the process of post-psychosis took me some months to be able to finally be back to normal. And yes, I wouldn’t change that because me too, with that experience, I can now see life with more positivity and being grateful about living normally again instead of being in that state where you questioning everything and feel vulnerable all the time.

  2. This was so fascinating and heartbreaking all at once.

  3. Heart breaking

  4. I’ve seen shadow people. I’m not crazy. I know many people that have seen them

  5. BBC you say?
    I’ll give it a miss thanks