This Film Is Not Yet Rated

This film is an unprecedented undercover investigation into the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) film ratings system and its profound impact on American culture.

This Film Is Not Yet Rated reveals how the ratings system restricts the exhibition independent and foreign films, gay themed films, and rates sexuality much more harshly than violence. Maintaining power through secrecy, the MPAA refuses to let the public know even the names of the people who rate the films.

This documentary overcomes that secrecy, the film follows a female private investigator as she goes deep inside the ratings system, and what they discovered compelled the MPAA to finally make long overdue changes to its ratings system.

As it turns out, this controversial documentary isn’t rated. When submitted to the Motion Picture Association of America, they slapped it with an NC-17.

This is fitting since he sheds much-needed light on the inner workings of a secretive organization that wields great power over the movies the public gets to see.

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  2. Fairly obvious that the MPAA is an organization designed to control the psychology of the average American. They seem to want a violent and non-sexual culture. Which indicates emphasis on creating soldiers for warfare and decreased population as a ramification.

  3. who gives a fuck? it’s all in the same system, Independent or not, American films are basically based on sex and violence, unconsciously or not they all swim in the same mud, from David lynch to Martin Scorcese.

  4. MPAA is a crock. It should be an open, transparent and objective system, but it is not. It is absurd that sexuality is rated more restrictive than violence and profanity, and the rating system itself is unhelpful in determining if the content of the films is appropriate for viewing by different age groups. Indeed, the rating system says nothing about the actual content of the film and the ratings are highly subjective even from film to film of the same genre over time. This creates a system which provide absolutely no guidance, but can make or break the box office financial success of a film, allowing the MPAA to wield undue economic influence over films.