This Is Dixon

VICE co-founder Suroosh Alvi takes us to Dixon, West Toronto, Canada, it is basically a complex of six condo towers, a place where Alvi spent most of his high school summers, he lived in building 380. Back then it was home to mostly middle class South Asians, Jamaicans and white Canadians, little to no trouble was observed.

When Alvi began seeing media reports with police saying that this was the breeding ground for a violent gang calling themselves The Dixon Bloods he was surprised to say the least. The gang allegedly sprung up into Canada’s consciousness during the whole Rob Ford crack scandal.

In this film we see Alvi investigate the gangs true existence, questioning whether or not it is a fabrication of the media, a violent menace, or  perhaps something in between.

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  1. Shithole.

  2. It’s very sad to see this level of ignorance & lack of education happening in a country where we pride ourselves on universal healthcare & education. This would seemingly be a direct result of ineffectual parenting. Like so many issues in society, it is bad or the lack there of, parenting that results in this sort of thing happening. The level of ignorance & failed education is appalling in a country like Canada. Sadly, it appears to be the recent immigrant population who is most affected by this. I am second generation born in this country & never once did it occur to me to join or form a gang or do anything that was against the law. But alas, I grew up in the olden days I guess.