This Is What Winning Looks Like

“This Is What Winning Looks Like” is a disturbing new documentary about the ineptitude, drug abuse, sexual misconduct, and corruption of the Afghan security forces as well as the reduced role of US Marines due to the troop withdrawal. In part one, we see just how chaotic and hopeless the situation is in Sangin, one of the most violent towns in Afghanistan.

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  1. these people are clueless and really confused. they made a mockery of themselves, I fail to understand why Afghanistan? why Iraq, why Syria and y on earth can these people complete thr task. In the documentary I heard one of the guy telling, it will come back to you…

  2. I always click on this documentary with a hope of showing what winning is all about, not dominating the other side, rather cooperation of team building excercise and always get this shit about war with no winning only wining why one cannot dominate the other. Fuck these documentaries about egoistic shit. I it was in my power I would kill the creator for misleading the people and halting general progress

    • Another war that America was in not to win but for to sustain in order to generate profit and destabilize the region. They failed on the destabilization part. Neo conservatism’s policy of empire building has failed also you greedy basturds. Pity the soldiers on both sides, the usualal
      poor and need the money.

      • Wow. Umm,interesting points…
        You’re right, Victor, that war isn’t about trying to come to consensus with parties intent on your destruction. I think we can all agree it’s preferable wars take place as infrequently as possible. Maybe the journalists didn’t feel it was their responsibility to lecture the audience on ethics that are pretty universally agreed, and thought they should…report on the state of the world?

        And Shane, I don’t know how to make sense of your comment. What “profit” do you believe the Afghanistan conflict was designed to secure? It’s been an enormously expensive undertaking which the US never had a hope of recouping, as opposed to Iraq which at least had the fig leaf of refund by petrodollars. And while the removal of Saddam certainly destabilized the region, it’s much harder to make the same comment about Afghanistani leadership because they really aren’t a regional power. Unless you consider tipping the scales between various warlords, the Northern Alliance, the corruption in Kabul, and the variously defined taliban proxies internally destabilizing.

        The thrust of the documentary wasn’t that nation building is folly- which I would grant as a general point- but that it hasn’t been accomplished. That security forces are profoundly ill-equipped to maintain or progress the situation in the absence of foreign forces due to illiteracy, engineering ignorance, and the dearth of a credible justice system. The filmmakers are right on all points. But you have to be pretty stupid to believe that a short term presence in Afghanistan (and yes, in that part of the world, a decade is a short time), the displacement but not destruction of taliban forces, and the establishment of infrastructure which locals are unable to sustain would be enough to institute a functioning state. Good piece nonetheless.

        • The profit is the exponentially grown trade of heroine, record year after record year of opium harvest has been noted. Which is good to keep the blacks calm back at home and the white trash ,waking up to the tirany. As well it is good to feed the industrial prison complex with junkies and keep enslaved prisoners nice and easy. There can never be enough people in jail, for jail is good, it provides free labor from the prisoners and jobs for the locals as guards.So win-win, and by the way, it’s the working class paying for the war, cause the rich avoid taxes, isn’t it?
          It is profitable, cause the war causes the powers that be in Afghanistan, the Taliban, to get stronger, which is needed, cause those stoned bastards don’t make enough terrorist attacks to the liking of the US. The more the Al Qaida groups kill innocent people, the better US can argue the money spent on programs like PRISM is well spent, and the people who like their privacy are criminal racist pedophiles, which serves as a pretext to close the open internet down.
          There is lots of evil done in the name of democracy, the guise of democracy, which in itself is nothing more than the oppression of the minorities by the majority.Not that i am against democracy, it is the best we have come up with so far, but starting a war because of bringing democracy to a country is ludacris, or was it because Osama was in a cave there.

  3. usa is a black market colored red

  4. The US never had the intention to occupy or colonize. Thus comparisons to invasions who had that intention are pretty ignorant. Ignorant more so of the initial reason for the invasion.

  5. This looks very frustrating. I thank the US Forces for all their efforts to maintain professionalism during these troubling events.

  6. Elo a talib Lovers from “Time” and another “Liberal WC peper” yu see now how is facked Afghanistan .To make this Country free all taliban Need a full metal jacket in a hood .And Afghan Police it is how cow only eat and make shit and smoke.

  7. What a terrible mess.
    What an awful place to live.
    My heart goes out to Major Steubin. I hope he plans on retiring after this farce is over.

  8. LOL, like there´s no drug abuse, sexual misconduct, and corruption within the US forces

  9. Invaders in the history of Afghanistan include Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Timur, the Mughal Empire, Russian Tsars, the British Empire, the Soviet Union, and currently a coalition force of NATO troops, the majority of which are from the United States, following the US-led invasion which began on October 7, 2001, Operation Enduring Freedom.
    The sooner they leave the better. Cause the usa,aint Alexander the Great…;>)
    If you invaded my country Canada… would not succeed, iether
    The Drug War continues…..