This film sets about exploring the potential that Thorium has for being a safe means to produce an abundance of energy. Thorium itself is easily found but requires a very different type of nuclear reactor then the ones commonly used today. We don’t use see the use of solid fuel rods and pressurised water as a coolant in this reactor but rather it is one which is kept in a liquid state and uses stable molten salts.

Even though Thorium is an amazingly abundant energy source, the construction and maintenance of these Molten Salt Reactors present a unique set of challenges which make them a poor fit for conventional use. The fuel itself must be repeatedly reprocessed, resulting in a very inefficient process. However the benefits of using Thorium as an alternative type of nuclear energy make it very appealing. The coolant used is extremely stable and given thee appropriate reactor/fuel combination, a Molten Salt Reactor can operate whilst no long-lasting nuclear waste.

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