Three Days That Shook Paris

This is the story of the deadliest terror attack in France for over 50 years, 17 people murdered, dozens wounded, free speech under attack, a nation traumatised as the world looked on in horror but this is a story that began as fun and ridicule a story that began nearly 50 years ago.

Three Days That Shook Paris is the definitive tale of the January 2015 attacks in Paris by Islamist militants against satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and of the three days of horror that followed, leaving many dead and a nation traumatised.

A true tick of the clock style film where the documentary is structured tightly around the three days of terror. The keyword is immediacy, so that we feel like we’re watching a drama, but where real lives are at stake, and every word is true. The film unfolds in the present tense, using UGC and police footage to take us into the heart of the action and, providing the emotional heartbeat of the film, powerful interviews with those who were there.

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  1. If charlie hebdo hadn’t ridiculed muslims they might be alive today. I mean come on seriously ?

  2. video doesn’t work