Thrive: What on Earth Will It Take?

THRIVE is an unconventional documentary that lifts the veil on what’s REALLY going on in our world by following the money upstream — uncovering the global consolidation of power in nearly every aspect of our lives. Weaving together breakthroughs in science, consciousness and activism, THRIVE offers real solutions, empowering us with unprecedented and bold strategies for reclaiming our lives and our future.

We are at a critical turning point in human history. The path we are on is leading toward a global police state. We must change direction, but how? What are the guiding principles that would lead to freedom from war, hunger, and domination? How do we work toward a world where no one is violated or coerced in any way? These are the kind of questions you can explore in this solutions section.

This also is the place to discover what you can do to bring about change. You can check out inspirational success stories, find suggestions for quick, effective everyday actions, study strategies for transformations at the national and global level, and get involved in Critical Mass Actions that will make a difference.

If each of us uses our unique gifts, and we collaborate with others, we can create the world we want to live in. We already have what it takes to thrive. Now is the time.

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  1. Hilarious.
    This was done to attack the right now today it’s the Left that is in charge.

    GE is no longer the largest corp in the world guys.

  2. I can’t believe how thinking people find the faith to believe this stuff.

  3. The comedy value of the comments posted here is quite outstanding. Geez guys… have a jerk or get a girlfriend or something. This is the internet, just chill!

  4. P.S. I think people should get off Ickes nut-sac about the whole Lizard people thingy, When your 20 something years old and you become enlightened to the fact that everything they taught you in grade school was just a tool in which they would some day use to enslave you… I’m pretty sure that will do some things to a young man’s psyche. Simply put… the kid couldn’t handle the truth and had a bit of a meltdown. Sometimes, meaning the exception, not the rule, but still a pronounced sum of great thinkers found there enlightenment in the throws of a nervous breakdown. Either that or he uses the whole reptilian description as a literal reference to man’s reptilian brain and how these Zionist seem to be totally in touch with there most ancient instincts.

    • Please be conscious of the way you write. Your grammar, spelling and syntax kills any trust in your faculties of communication.

  5. Didn’t you guys see all the nods through out the film to the “insider Illuminati”? This was such a propaganda piece of trash and if you were stupid enough to visit that bogus website… God save the movement. All they are trying to do is give us idiots one place to congregate so that they can monitor us and target us. If you get a chance to watch it again check out the little transparent pyramid with the all seeing eye at the top in his little computer generated vortex model. These fuckers are laughing at us because they know the fight is already over and we were too fat and lazy to even show up when they rang the bell. When you study these scum bags you’ll see that it’s like part of the thrill for these cocksuckers to tell you how they are going to fuck you before they go and grab the vaseline.

  6. Hardly surprising that nearly everyone in the film came out against the film after they saw it. That you nutters think this is a good film makes me fear for the future.

  7. Surprise! This doc is not here anymore… Who would have thought.

  8. I found this docu to be very much like the zietgeist films not only in the information presented but in the pattern in which the information was presented. Also while I agree with the sociopolitical commentary of both films regarding the pursuit of a world government and an electronic information based economy. The “soft science nightmare” (to quote a good friend) the pervades this film is astounding. The torus, in the material i have taken the time to look at and filtered as being credible, is such a fundamental shape only because it is how electromagnetic fields form in nature. IE a gravitational or magnetic center throws out energy along its axis, the flux lines of the magnet keep the energy “orbiting” the center and the energy flows back to the center on the axis of the opposite pole (readers digest version). This is not a blueprint for limitless and free energy. “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” You cannot obtain energy for nothing, you can however take advantage of processes that naturally occur and siphon the energy that would normally go to waste. Like for instance water wheels and water falls. Im not suggesting that the whole world use water wheels obviously, but the premise still stands.
    I am also somewhat curious as to the “experts” cited in this film. Firstly the “cosmologist” near the beginning of the film, I would charitably describe as being fringe. The notion that a barely recognizable drawing that was “atomically etched” into a rock in one place in Egypt, that if you squint looks like a 2-d representation of a fundamental universal building block! Piled on top of that the suggestion that that this is all explainable by the visitation of aliens? Sorry its just a pill i cannot swallow.
    I am not so arrogant as to think that we are alone in the universe but if a super advanced civilization were to become aware of earth i doubt that they would elect to communicate via wheat fields and vague etchings on rocks.
    Secondly the repetition and the stacked significance of the number 64. I have a suggestion as to why it might be seen in so many places. Its a fundamental mathematical product. If you take 2 and multiply it by 2 you get 4 simple right? Continue on that path; 4×2=8, 8×2=16, 16×2=32, 32×2=64. Now you can keep that going if you want but the experts thought that 64 was high enough, I guess… Its not aliens or universal energy codes its math, like grade school math.
    As i said above i agree with the need for people to organize and become informed on the actions of the ruling parties of this world. But we cannot rally ourselves behind squishy theories of universal consciousness, and toroidal energy. The truth is that there is no miracle cure like free energy to get us out from under the thumbs of the ruling classes. If we want out of where we are its going to take work, hard work and a helluva lot of it. Its not impossible just difficult, more difficult than most are comfortable with, but if we want it bad enough nothing can stop us from having it.

  9. All in all, not a bad doc. However, there are two main points that were not discussed that are pretty pivotal to our species “thriving”.

    First, religion. It gives people license to kill others for not believing the same things as the person’s religion. Actions don’t matter, just “belief”. Most of the 3rd world is in total chaos thanks to religion, and it’s still being used to oppress billions of people around the world.

    The other major point missed is that, what gives the ruling elite most of their wealth is the private ownership of natural resources. They control energy because they control all sources of energy in the world. If we stripped all oil, gas, and coal ownership from the few, there would all of a sudden be NO reason to suppress other technologies for energy. Without energy abundance, we’ll never have any chance at feeding, clothing, sheltering, and entertaining all 7 billion people on the planet.

    And private ownership of our natural resources, private property of land, is what causes a need for money in the first place. Money used to represent the value of resources you’ve taken from what you own (farm land, coal mine, oil field, etc) and given to the public to use. Without private ownership of natural resources, there’s no need for money.

    And I’m pretty wary about the whole “free energy” thing. If it exists, I don’t doubt that the ruling elite want it kept out of public knowledge, but in this day and age of the internet.. those inventors should be putting all that knowledge out there for public consumption, publish everything they can recall to the web. Various institutions would take up the mantle and recreate those experiments, recreate the devices.. once that happened and all that new data was uploaded to the web as well, there would be no way to “kill a few guys here and there” to suppress it. That it’s not out on the web kind of implies none of it really works, and perhaps the elites are just trying to prevent it from being perfected. Either way, we have plenty of other sources of renewable energy, we just don’t have the research funds going to improve those current sources. That’s what’s delaying progress the most.

    I was hoping to hear more about how the Torus could help save the world.. and it was interesting to hear about the alien connection with regard to directing us toward it.. but in the end, it’s not all that informative.

    The things about “defund the military and spend that on society” seem to ignore the other statement of “we lost all control of our government, it no longer does what we want it to”. How can we get government to defund the military if we can’t control our government? Catch-22, and shows we have a lot less power than we think. Until we take our government back from the ruling elite, we can’t really influence government. Once we have control of our government, well.. then we don’t need to abolish it, do we. Another Catch-22.

  10. thrive is illuminati thats why their cover picture is a woman with only eye showning they want you to know their plans and they are laughing at people who are paying them who think they are receiving information that could stop them foster gamble is super rich and dosent care about you he just wants money 

  11. Interesting that the negative comments here are littered with words like “silly”, “stupid”, “nutcases”, “fruitcake” etc – you can always judge the quality of a person’s argument from their readiness to resort to childish name-calling rather than an objective and dispassionate critique. There’s such a range of topics discussed in this documentary that it’s hard to make an overall qualitative judgement – there’s certainly nothing “moonbat” about the economic analysis, whereas the alien origins of civilization are well into the realm of speculative/hypothetical interpretation of ancient historical texts, and probably shouldn’t be stated as fact.

    The comment that this documentary is “just made to make people stupider” is certainly in the realm of “most stupid comment” on this thread…

  12. Illuminati film

  13. Kind of ironic that it has been pulled due to copyright. Hmmm.

  14. Thanks for all the documentaries that have been posted. I agree with other users that this documentary(Thrive:What on Earth will it take?) is the silliest thing that has come out; it makes no sense at all; and is meant to just make people stupider. It is what one would expect from the head of a corporate empire: promote stupidity among the middle and lower classes. It is the spite of the rich that is ruining this world.

    • Dear Amber: “Stupider” is not a word. Please help yourself to a dictionary before re-posting. Thanks    🙂

  15. Awesome documentary!  Someone finally had the nerve to expose the truth to the public and the doc gets pulled,  I only got to watch half of it and now it’s not available.  The powers that be in this country, the government, the banks, the rich corporations etc, have the American public right where they want us where we can be treated like a simple flock of stupid sheep.  I bet one of the powers that be threatened the media company who was responsible for releasing that movie.  God forbid “we the people” should ever be exposed to the truth about anything.  Know what?  It’s going to get worse.  Now the government is  controlling the internet.  We can’t even watch documentaries

  16. I m convinces ,as individual we can chance da
    world  ,  is seem like some smart ppl didn’t understand da doc u ppl need to get educate about da world we live in n what happening 

  17. We reap what we sow, as a authentic Christian, my belief is based on experience enhanced by Faith. The narrator paraphrases the Royal Law ,Do unto the others as you would have done unto you as the effective solution to global conflict and prosperity. This begs the question, what about loving God with with your whole heart? Actuality, the Christ gave the Vision to humanity long ago, Do not tempt God, Serve God alone, live by the Word of God and bread. This is the way of Peace, nothing else will work. Nevertheless, we reap what we sow. What do expect humanity will reap for slaughtering off a half billion to a billion innocent unborn children in the past 50 years. The banks may have causes conditions that would be conducive to the slaughter of these 100 millions of Innocent children, it was their parents who allowed it. What do you expect to reap from this? The lives and souls of these innocent children had just as much right to breath as those allowed to be born have. I know there is a God who will requite this innocent blood. I find this practice intolerable beyond belief. You also support the lie of evolution, we are created and wondrously. Humanity has yet to reap what murdering all these millions of children sowed. Lord have Mercy!!

    • And I was going to mention that one of the MAJOR planks that this documentary fails to cover is how _destructive_ to our species religion is. One of the ways we survive as a species is to respect each others right to exist as we see fit, yet the main religions of the world dictate you convert others, set up systems to dictate how others must live so they are in accordance with your religion, and if all that fails, go murder all of them for failing to bow to your version of god.

      Adherence to Religion is a mental disorder. It requires you to reject fact and logic and instead accept myth and superstition as a means to direct your life. That disconnect often results in violence and oppression.

      The only thing from religion that pertains turns out not to even be an original construct of religion.. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. One rule, one law, and most of our politicians would no longer have anything to campaign on.. nothing to use to dupe the masses into letting the worst of our species run the whole show.

    • Did you know that there is a direct correlation between declining crime rates and availability of abortions in low-income areas!?

      Thankfully it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand why this occurs! Quite simply put; Poverty is the most common cause of crime. And abortions are the easiest/best way to lower crime and murder rates for our future generations (Next to widespread use of condoms and birth control).

      On a side note; Religion is the biggest cause of injustice, war, murder and all things we see as evil in this world.

    • I cut off the horn on my unicorn and now he is an authentic horse.

  18. Amazing….corrals the truth like no other documentary I have ever seen.  Well done.

  19. Going through the movie writing comments as I go…

    Firstly, it is simply not true that the purpose of nature is to thrive. 99% of all species’ that ever existed are extinct. Probably more. Also, only the strong survive. Showing pictures of animals thriving ignores the countless unfit individuals in that species who were ‘un-fit’. But it gets worse: the only reason that the fit are afforded their fitness is because nature has used trial and error in order to make them fit – the fit are fit only because nature has experimented, and a necessary part of trial and error experimentation is that countless un-fit are produced.

    Is it more likely that a child riding a bus has an inspirational vision of a toroid which is integral and deeply explanatory within nature, or is it more likely that a child riding a bus has a vision which, owing to his future credulousness, he tries to force onto nature the way new age people talk meaninglessly about “vibrational frequencies”. Square peg, round hole? We shall see….

    A Toroid/torus has nothing whatsoever to do with an atom or the solar system. Or with ‘quanta’.

    Basically everything Nassim Haramein says is bullshit. “It is burned into the atomic structure of the rock.” OMFG what a load of shit.

    We see the number 64 everywhere. Oh, I know, they must vindicate my dogged obsession with this magic shape I’m obsessed about.

    ………..and that’s just 20 minutes. Don’t watch this ‘documentary’. It’s pure bullshit.

  20. old information… and not realistic. there are much better docs about this topic… waste of docu-tax-money!

  21. SH!T – I’ve never seen such far fetched ideas presented in such a serious fashion. I am impressed though at how these people can keep straight faces when they’re stating their ideas and theories as fact.

    I can imagine how younger audiences, or anyone for that matter, who haven’t been taught to question what they are being told and to look at the credibility of these people and their sources, can quite easily get sucked into believing this. Look at that guy with the pony tail’s title; Cosmologist, Inventor. You don’t need any qualifications to be an inventor and any credible documentary will have university proffessors of whichever subject, not just someone who has a degree in said subject!

    Sadly many people will watch this and not see for themselves at how ludicrous it all sounds and just as the chap below ‘Twelve Valve’ has obviously done they will take offence and eagerly back up what this documentary is saying, purely because they haven’t questioned it themselves.

    I wouldn’t be suprised if this was an experiment into how gullable todays society is. The internet is bursting with information, just like with TV, you can’t believe everything you see!

    • I am so sorry you saw it that way. I have connected my own dots for years and it was amazing to experience someone presenting the same things I have experienced & seen for many years now. I started my research with the Patriot Act and hated the paths it took me down. However, I went forward anyway….ask your own questions, seek your own answers, and you will be amazed with what you find. The reason this was so inspiring to me is because I have asked questions and independently have come up with many of the same answers as this gentleman. I actually watch Chem-trails being laid out over the NORCAL area on a weekly basis. Are you familiar with Nikola Tesla? Do you know what Chem-trails are? Have you researched HAARP? Ever look into D.E.Ws (direct Energy Weapons). Ultimately, this Documentary is brilliant and very helpful in offering answers to those who are just awakening. It is also reassuring to people like me who are awake but haven’t found enough others like myself yet who offer reasonable and possible individual solutions. PMA! (Positive Mental Attitude)
      PS if you read this as an argumentative statement , please re-read it in a positive frame of mind and not negative. We would be get so much more out of this conversation that way 🙂

      • You morons and your HAARP shit… going round cutting the cables of my university’s radar research station equipment. Fuck you all.

        • Dear Bill: You seem to be grossly misinformed about HAARP. I highly doubt the radar cables were cut by someone trying to take them down. You’re an idiot.

  22. Brilliant Documentary – all the Zeitgeist films rolled into one. People like David Ike are the true remaining scholars of the west.

    • No Zeitgeist dosen’t get into the whole Alien Magic Boloney. We have real solutions to fix the issues with human beings and real science please don’t link Zeitgeist with this kinda Magical Fruit Cake Perpetual Energy Imaginary weirdness.

    • bahahaha Icke is a scholar?? He thinks some people are alien LIZARDS for fucks sake. Holy. Shit.

      • Maybe he does. Though I’d rather take Ike’s economics over the crap they teach us at schools or in the media any day, with or without the lizards.

  23. Hmm it would seem the creators have taken it down! I’ll search for other versions…

  24. WTF!  I just got done watching this incredible film that not just defines the wall of trouble we face, but gave a solution to the madness.  It has been available less than 24 hours and has already been pulled!  We must get it back for everyone to view!  Please express your dissatisfaction that that this film is being suppressed from the public domain.

  25. Whatta fruitcake doc.  This documentary continuously ‘tweaks’ facts to fit the director’s crazy paradigm.  You can’t just change the evidence to support your presupposition, you need to present the facts first and then explain how they correlate with a resultant idea.

    Seems like this moonbat director just started with a crazy idea and went out to find everything he could, mostly other moonbat’s presumptions, to support it.  I could claim the moon is cheese, and I’m sure I’d find support for that theory somewhere.

    There was a nice message about the way humanity treats humanity, but it was sadly overshadowed by bunk science.

    •  Daugvolf this is exetly what this film is about,,brainwach people like you who think everything is normal,, that is exectly what they wants those elite heads, they want people like you, to kill the idea of better life for humans and animals you are week stupid focker, and its sad i feel sorry to you.

    • Your argument is rife with ad hominem logical fallacies, would you care to actually make a point? Perhaps, you could demonstrate which ‘facts’ were taken out of context.

      • lol. “Your argument is rife with ad hominem logical fallacies”. What a ridiculous reply. A comment section is not a place to launch “arguments”, meatball. It is where people put their opinion of the doco they just watched.
        I know exactly what he is talking about, and I concur. He made many points – all valid to his opinion. Now go practice insulting people while trying to sound smart somewhere else.

  26. people dont believe everything you see and hear without thinking for yourself. even these people who claim to be on the peoples sides need to be questioned seriously. This is like a collection of all quaziexperts in this world and their ramblings, which is only partially valid. There is no true right or wrong in the world, as there is no true good and bad, there are only stuff between two extremes. So don’t even listen to people who claim to be visioneers, or selfevolved experts. When they state a fact, you check it yourself if possible, when they say in Egypt there is a temple with only two carvings, go online and look into it, don’t just take their words for it. Yes, big parts of this documentary is truth, there are people who control money, markets and governments, but there aren’t aliens who are gonna save us from them, or there isnt a grand scheme which they intend to activate to enslave global population, they are just addicted to power or mislead by their own beliefs.

    If we the people do the right thing, educate about how the world works, how corporations work, how banks and bankers work, how economies work, how politicians work, then we become aware of almost all their schemes and we cannot be harmed by them, so only true power we ever need against them is knowledge about what they are doing.

    Once we educate ourselves, we will start building our own society which will be self sustainable, people are already working on it. So we wont need any bank loans, any industrial foods, any coorporate energy or money, we can let them alone and see how they loose their power day by day as more and more people stop financing them, giving them power through politics, just do your small part and live the way we originally was intended to, in harmony with nature, but in the same time using our brains to be better than animals and use technology (which wont harm environment) to improve our living.

    Thats the only true message to peoples of this planet.
    Educate – become aware – turn around and ignore – start your own living in self sustainable way – join larger societies which do the same but don’t give them power to make choices in your name, you must be independent within society, but also must contribute to it and share your resources, as others must do for you.

    So basically you can survive on your own, but it’s easier to manage within society, you dont have to do everything for yourself, but if needed, you can survive without them.

  27. osearth is true

  28. Woooooooooo, great movie, i thought it would be stupid, but wow, this blew my mind.

  29. amazing movie.  thanks so much for all those who made this movie. we need to come together and stand up for our lifes.  and when we see, we need to act.  It’s time to wake up. There are solutions. we have the power to change the world for us and future generations. peace is the way. power to the people.

  30. this sucks was the director high when he made this! 

  31. I love this documentary..It is really beautiful and yet scary at the same time.

    Its a must watch 🙂

  32. great docu..

  33. Yes! Made my night!