Tibet: What Remains of Us

China is incurring huge expenditure in transferring and consolidating the Chinese population in Tibet. Massive investment has been made to build a network of modern highways all over Tibet. China can also boast of having laid the highest railway track in the world that connects Lhasa with Beijing. In fact, China often complains that its civilizing mission in Tibet is costing the government and people of China large amounts in terms of subsidies to an under-developed region. According to official Chinese statistics, the level of annual subsidies to the Tibetan Autonomous Region (TAR) in the late 1980s was around 1 billion yuan or $270 million. However, all the infrastructure that China has built in Tibet has not made the lives of the native Tibetans any better; it has only taken the exploitative apparatuses of the Chinese government deeper.

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  1. I hope no one was endangered by speaking on film. God protect these precious people.

  2. Thanks for making this movie. Thank you so much for your courageous act of shooting this movie and showing His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s message to our people in Tibet. Thank you.

  3. Something deeply worries me: when this documentary first came out, you weren’t allowed to bring cameras to the movie theatre in order to protect the people shown in the documentary. Neither was it supposed to become available to everyone and anyone. The people in this documentary are real. They are risking their lives and their family’s simply because they are talking about Dalai Lama and Tibet. It’s great to be able to watch this movie online, but has anyone thought about the consequences for the people in the movie? What if the chinese gov. get their hands on it? I sincerely think the site should remove this doc. If you want to get a copy, visit:

  4. It is just the way of the world,it always has been. The use of force to oppress the weak. It would be nice if it wasnt this way,but you cant sit around and pray all day and think that you wont be over run by a neighbor who decided to arm himself. It reminds me of the Amish community here in America. Good descent hard working people who just want to mind their own business and live according to their beliefs. They abstain from political involvement ,but now it is catching up with them. The rogue FDA criminal cartel is seeing to it that they will not be able to maintain their nutritional diet based on products of their own healthy farm animals. Raids onto Amish farm by armed thug agents,detain,steal , and tyrannize these people.

  5. i never understood suppressing another culture. so many cultures whether they be as large as tibet or kurdish or as small a some made up genre of music. all important and make this world interesting. not money or territory.

  6. I enjoy the Documentary Heaven site and I frequent it often, just for the good of my health, both in mind an body. I have a treadmill set up in front of my computor, which has a large LCD montior. At least rthree or four times a week, I’ll turn on this site, fire up the treadmill and set the speed at 2.5 mph and go for a “Walkumentary” for however long it takes. Today I walked through Tibet which I found to be a most beautiful stroll through a land that is rich in natural and pristine resources and populated by a very friendly, simple and religeous culture, following the wishes of the Dali Lama, who only wants to live peacefully and simply the same as they always have, never needing help from any other nation. It’s no wonder their lives are so spiritual, because they live closer to heaven than any other country in the world. The world today is changing so rapidly, and that is the only thing in this world today that is guaranteed…it’s going to change. It would be so nice to preserve this beautiful pristine country and work hard to save it, but in the same light, it’s just as important, and just as inevitable, as trying to save the Polar Bears in the Canadian Arctic.

  7. thats right Jack!

  8. The day China gets a heart will be the same day the USA gets one….and every other of the world’s nation’s governments included. It is simply impossible as long as the “bewildered herd”, which we call society, is asleep and heavily inflicted with the virus, “affluenza”.

  9. My heart bleeds for the lovely people of Tibet. Please, China, have a heart and leave.