Tijuana Drug Lords

In the late 1980s the Arellano-Felix brothers take over the Tijuana Cartel. Using a network of tunnels, modified cars, boats and planes they flood the US with billions of dollars worth of drugs; quickly establishing themselves as the worlds largest smugglers of cocaine.

To protect this business the brothers recruit and train an army of American gang bangers. When rival cartels attempt to muscle in on their business the result is a war that claims thousands of lives.

Mexican and US law enforcement join forces to take the Brothers down but they’re powerless to stop a wave of violence engulfing Tijuana.

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  1. The blood is on the hands of the western governments who blindly decide to make these drugs illegal, ignoring all their proffesional advisors they have spoken to, rather than having them legal and taxing and monitoring them. Make them legal and entire criminal enterprises will fall… governments can tax drugs, make them pure and safer, and even help get their countries out of the mass depression everyone is suffering through the money made, and the millions they no longer have to spend on the fruitless war on drugs. For all those of you saying drugs are for loser, whilst having never tried them yourself, don’t mock what you don’t understand.

  2. Oh and Roscoe, I’m not sure if you can put it all together but many of these deaths are caused by the drugs passing borders. The only reason Columbia and Mexico make so much money off of drugs is selling it to Americans.
    Whether your sitting comftorably on your chair at home doing your lines your still causing deaths whether you like it or not. Just because there is no “banging” in your neighborhood there is “banging” somewhere else in the world to get it to your house.
    Get your head out of your ass and realize you are the source of this problem.

  3. I smoke weed everyday, I grow all my stuff and still live the same as everyone else, why is everyone in the world so stereotypical – saying all drug users are losers is about the same as saying everyone who doesn’t use them are losers.

  4. the person who says that loves drugs! YOU SHOULD LOVE UR FAMILY that makes you a LOOSER… drug user

  5. It’s pretty sad what’s going on in that beautiful country 🙁 hate drugs myself never try them and i never will LOOSERS all those who use it!!

  6. and so, thanks to natgeo, the name of the archbishop is cleaned foreva….case closed, an honest mistake…

  7. Quite an eye-opener…It`s a very dangerous world, in Mexico, especially for drug traffickers…lots of people murdered, who use and traffic drugs. But hey, that`s Mexico…lots of honest happy tourists are murdered there each year too, especially Canadian tourists, who don`t pack guns to shoot back. To hell with Tijuana, even though your dollar won`t go as far, Vancouver is much safer…just dress warm and bring some good rain gear.

  8. Yeah, but I wonder how many dead bodies are behind your drug habit? Makes you think.

  9. Typo: should read “…but naaaaah, I wasn’t raised to be like THAT!” “… (Sorry, I’m high.)

  10. It’s weird b/c I looooooove drugs (coke & high grade bud especially). But I’m a white, middle-class American living in middle America. Happily married, kids, house almost paid off, church-going, etc. It’s just crazy seeing this side of it all. It’s like, “Yeah, I like my drugs RECREATIONALLY, but naaaaah, I was raised to be like THAT!” America is a land of contrasts, no doubt. I live in a lily-white neighborhood, probably 90% 2 parent households & 100% employed. Aint no “bangin” goin’ on in my ‘hood. But plenty o’ “burnin” goin’ on if you know what I’m sayin’.