Tinder: A Predators’ Playground

Currently millions of people are actively looking for partners on the dating app known as Tinder, an app that has changed how an entire generation meets new people. This catalog of love interests at our fingertips has obvious appeal, but the app that’s made meeting up with strangers completely normal is hiding a sinister problem.

It would seem as though one of the top-earning apps in the world has created a playground for sex offenders, leaving victims neglected. In this episode of Four Corners, we witness a joint investigation with triple j Hack unfold as they examine the dating app Tinder and how it has built a business model that exposes its users to assault and how it’s allowing serial predators to thrive on its platform.

Multiple women have come forward to speak with Four Corners guest reporter and Hack presenter Avani Dias. They tell their stories of assault at the hands of those they have matched with on Tinder.

Directed by: Ali Russell

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