The Tiniest Girl in the World

Charlotte Garside is the tiniest girl in the world. When she was born she weighed less than 1 and a half pounds and was the size of a baby that was only 16 weeks old. Though only born four weeks prematurely, she came out tinier than a credit card in size. Charlotte has a form of primordial dwarfism though the specific condition she has is so rare doctors do not have a name for it. It is still unknown whether she falls into the category of MOPD type 1 or MOPD type 2. If she has the latter case then she may live to age 30. Around 100 children worldwide share this condition. However, if Charlotte has MOPD type 1, which less than 20 children have, she will not be expected to live past two or three years of age. Either way she will be afflicted with repeated strokes and seizures and if she is lucky enough to have type 2, she can only survive with regular MRI scans.

Despite the severity of her rare case, Charlotte is described as inquisitive with a massive personality. At two years of age she stands only 22 inches tall and must wear newborn baby clothes. Her older sisters dress her in their doll’s clothes and indeed, she looks like a porcelain doll. Though she is so tiny, her learning level is not as delayed as people may assume. It is delayed more than the average person due to cysts on her liver and a weakened immune system. Charlotte’s extraordinary story so far is helping doctors further research the condition of primordial dwarfism and the world’s leading authorities on the disorder are striving to help Charlotte and her family.

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  1. Is Charolotte still living?

  2. Your info is inaccurate. Size when Charlotte was born, weight, all wrong