Tokyo Time

This is a short documentary about two college students on a journey
through Japan. From the serene temples of Kyoto to the bloody Tsukiji
fish market, Tokyo Time is an account of culture shock and personal

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  1. He didn’t realize he was pure entertainment for his Japanese hosts.

  2. lmao why is the concept of cutting up fish so mind boggling…? is it cause in america it’s all done in factories and people don’t think twice about where food comes from? kinda made me lol

  3. Guys, That was a really good video. Ive been to Japan and everything you guys mentioned is so true. I want go leave there… 🙂

  4. At least these kids don’t preach hate and respect people’s differences. They aren’t ever going to start a war.

  5. I enjoyed it. I have been to Japan 5 times, so just seeing the tourist sites from my first trip was interesting.

  6. Wow. A film is posted on here of two students time in Japan for only a month….. Extremely stereotypical and juvenile. No serious or valuable insight. I’ve lived in S. Korea for the last 4 years and I feel like I just barely could start to begin to offer a worthwhile and valuable account of my thoughts on this country and region. So much left to learn. It’s a bit pompous to post this. Almost angers me a bit when I see “1 monthers” (students) who come here and then go home showing their pet student video project and sharing their seemingly “deep” experiences and coming across like they have many answers to the general cultural mysteries and differences of the country visited. I also didn’t appreciate the insincere sincerity. I dunno – but I call BS when I see it. F*#@ this film. 

  7. How simple and naive, yet refreshingly youthful and whistful. Takes me back in time to trips I took with friends when I was (suppose to be) in school.

  8. stereotypical analysis of Japan. Its obvious they stayed in their dorm rooms and spent a day making the video.

  9. now that was worth the 7 min….major disappointment!!!

  10. Eh. Poorly done. Didn’t exactly learn anything about the month spend there.