Tomorrow’s World

Tomorrow’s World delves in to the world of invention, revealing the people and technologies set to transform all our lives. Liz Bonnin examines the conditions that are promising to make the 21st century a golden age of innovation and meets some of the world’s foremost visionaries, mavericks and dreamers.

From a $20 million race to the moon to making ethanol from genetically modified bacteria, levitating frogs and drugs that are spun in a candyfloss machine, barely a minute passed without another astonishing revelation.

The film introduces Andre Geim, the Nobel Prize-winning physicist who discovered graphene – a material so strong that a hammock just one atom thick would hold a cat, using a roll of Sellotape.

Then there is Cesar Harada, who builds remote-controlled boats to clean up oil spills. Michael Pritchard, founder of Lifesaver Systems, which uses sewage technology to purify water. And Prof Bob Langer, whose tissue regeneration work has helped 100 million cancer sufferers.

This documentary is a tour of the people and ideas delivering the world of tomorrow, today.

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