The Toolbox Killers

The Tool Box Killers consist of two individuals who committed some of the most horrendous crimes in America. Lawrence Sigmund Bittaker and Roy Lewis Norris together decided to kidnap, rape, torture and murder five teenage girls over a 5 month period in southern California back in 1979.

Bittaker would later be described by FBI agent John Douglas as one of the most disturbing individuals he had ever profiled, in March of 1981, Bittaker was convicted and sentenced to death for the five murders and is still to this day incarcerated on death row at San Quentin State Prison. His accomplice Norris accepted a plea bargain and in return for testifying against Bittaker he managed to avoid the death penalty, receiving life imprisonment on May 7, 1980, with possibility of parole after serving 30 years. He is currently serving his time at Donovan State Prison.

These two sick individuals became known as the Tool Box Killers due to the fact that for the majority of their killings they set about inflicting as much pain as possibly upon their victims before killing them. They would torture them with instruments which could be commonly found within any household toolbox.

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