Top Ten Tanks

Over the past century, dozens of tanks have been designed and built to blast their way across the battlefield. These are the best of the best.

They are the top ten tanks of all time.

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  1. The no 1 tank has no tracks and It’s cannon Is tied In a knot.Top ten crap that kills people , to hell with your lists.

  2. bull-sh!t, the T-34 does not deserve the number 1 spot, not even close. although i will give it props for mobility (production i could not give less about since were talking about best tank on 1 v 1 or 10 v 10 or 398 vs 400, not 16 v 1000000.)
    it didn`t stand a chance in fire power, fear factor and armor compared to panthers and tigers. only late stage t-34/85`s could penetrate panther and tiger armor. the pictures they have of Germans running is because they are out numbered. if you had 1 tiger coming on 100 soviet soldiers, they`d be running to having nothing to penetrate it with.

    tiger and panther armor > t-34 armor
    because they had much thicker armor, 1 tiger tank was shot more then 220 times in a 6 hour engagement, still was fine like they said, best tank hunter drove on a German tank, don’t have the same results for Russians, they just outnumbered them because they had much more factory workers and a much bigger population in total.

    tiger and panther firepower > t-34 firepower

    tiger and panther fear factor > t-34 fear factor
    because very hard to penetrate in the beginning and middle stages of war.
    (refrain from sex comments when replying to argue)

  3. Well I have seen this before, this is not a new list of top ten Tanks!
    btw. Production is not the best attribute from my point of view, its possible too mass produce before war ever happens.

    • It depends, if you can mass produce a tank that can’t even dent your enemies you’re pretty much screwed.
      Although I agree it is a very important factor, however tanks are near obsolete on the battlefield.

  4. Too much British this British that!Bull!