Tour of Duty: Australia’s Secret War

For the first time ever, Australia’s most secretive soldiers have invited a TV crew to document them in Afghanistan.

This exclusive documentary, over three years in the making, follows investigative journalist and four time Walkley winner Chris Masters as he goes deep into the field with the Special Air Services Regiment, the SAS.

The most comprehensive account of these elite forces in action, cameras accompany the Special Forces on several missions inside enemy lines, including night raids on Taliban hotspots, to a high risk undercover operation to destroy a multi-million dollar Taliban drug lab.

Australian Special Forces soldiers, some of whom have been wounded in action, talk candidly of their experiences, about the dangers of working with allies who can turn on them, and on their views of progress in Afghanistan, as the transition phase evolves towards local control.

The cameras are there on a key date in this conflict, that of the tenth anniversary of September 11th, the day that changed the world and marked the start of this war on terror.

On making the documentary, Chris Masters says: “This program is a first in many ways. It is the first time news cameras were allowed to follow Australian Special Forces into action; the first time we see the Afghanistan war from their perspective and talk to the normally secretive SASR, Commandos and IRR at what passes for a front line. It is also the first time in my view, that at last in Afghanistan we see the fight being taken to the enemy.”

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