The Town Travellers Took Over

Rathkeale in County Limerick, Ireland, may seem like any other sleepy rural village though it is anything but. Irelands traveling community seem to have chosen the town as their spiritual home, their Mecca and have all but made it their own.

The settled community now claim to be under siege and in this the town that travellers took over, a cross-cultural tug of war has reached boiling point with those settled beginning to speak up about the situation. There is however more to this story than meets the eye. Over the course of a six month investigation, one which lead the presenter of this documentary Paul Connolly across Europe and home again. Connolly drilled down to the very core of Rathkeale’s many secrets, answering questions which for decades now have cast long dark shadows over the town the travellers plan to one day take over completely.

In this film we see how have Rathkeale’s travellers amassed such enormous wealth, and how much of those millions if any are the proceeds of crime.

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  1. Dirty damn thieving travelers, they give gypsies a bad name, now that is doing something.

  2. blocked by viacom