Toxic Light Bulb Investigation

Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFL) save energy and sound great – but is there a hidden danger? Why do they need ‘special’ disposal?

Harmful UV rays could be seeping into your home. An exclusive investigation that prompted Health Canada to jump into action.

Allison Vuchnich explores whether there’s a link between bulbs and the triggering of migraine headaches. Since these stories first aired, there were many reactions.

16:9′s investigation exposing the possible health risks of those curly fluorescent light bulbs touched a nerve. They demanded answers from Health Canada and finally – their test results.

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  1. This might very well be a real issue. I personally do not have the scientific knowledge nor the education that would allow me to have an informed opinion on this matter. What I do know is this: It is common knowledge that doctors make the worst patients. Whenever I hear or watch a study that has a doctor as the primary patient, I am always sceptical of the outcome or results of said study. Doctors are the biggest whiners & complainers when it comes to pain, illness, or medical procedures that the rest of us willingly submit to at our doctor’s orders.