Trafficked: The Reckoning

In 1995, Ning was a 13-year-old girl when she was trafficked to Australia from Thailand and sold to a Sydney brothel. But the Australian man who imprisoned Ning for 10 days and who forced her to have sex with over 100 men was never publicly identified or arrested.

With the help of former policeman Chris Payne, Ning is now determined to discover the man’s identity and to bring a civil action against him in an Australian court for the psychological damages she suffered.

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  1. Always carry to the next possibility…I understand the camera being a third eye and the way computers have a way of becoming filled up…sherrySherry read my post..Sunday Safari

  2. I’d love to know how this ends up – please do a follow-up

  3. Thaksin wanted to do something good for Thailand and he was accused of corruptions.  He wanted to intact social programs, and the Thai elites ousted him.  I believe Thailand have an unspoken caste system.     

    • Thaksin is a self serving megalomaniac with a keen sense of how to fool the citizenry by appealing to their ignorance while building his empire for family and friends (see George Bush, Thaksin’s friend). Is there an “unspoken caste system” in Thailand? Of course there is, but where isn’t there one? Do not be fooled by Thaksin and his minions. He throws “bones” to the poor for their votes, and nothing more. He tried to sell out the country to foreign interest simply to cash in on the greedfest, and he is continuing his fight to do so with his novice puppet Prime Minister sister, LingYuck, (intentional misspelling). I am not saying that the Yellows are innocent, but the Reds are definitely worse, they are a mob of amateur crooks with unabashed self interest and will do MORE harm than good for Thailand. Do your research before you make claims like you did.

      • yet anohter idiot who knows nothing of the Thai political system!
        Having said that i hope anyone who is involved in crimes of this nature gets what is coming to them!

  4. There is a girl named Porn. …there are no words.

  5. thailand is a interesting place , pattaya , phuket ,Bangkok well known for all the go go bar`s

    prostitution is ilegal in thailand the funny thing is it is a sex tourist hot spot well know for years ,

    this girl is just one of many many many girl that are forced one way or the other in this industry ,

    In thailand every one use every one , corruption is rampart , “the Tea money” is a way of live .

    I lived there for 5 years ,  nothing surprised me any more ,  mothers selling there girls is not unusual ,

    just look up the,, Pattaya daily or the Pattaya one or Pattaya today news on the net , crime is a continues problem ,