The Train That Divides Jerusalem

Jerusalem is an ancient city with a sparkling new train, it was built to unite people but instead the train itself seems to be dividing it further. In this film by BBC’s panorama, reporter Adam Wishart, a British Jew, investigates how the train has made it easier for the Jewish community to travel into the Palestinian suburbs, seeing a dramatic influx of people who the Palestinians would rather stayed away.

Wishart decided to ride the train which seems to have caused so much controversy, having even incited violence amongst the two sides, all in order to discover the truth as to whats going on.

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  1. If I were God, I would say that none of the ZIONIST JEWS and progeny in Israel would see the light of the hereafter until they do justice to their fellow human kind. Any sane person can see that this type of evil is driven by ignorance and selfishness in the name of religion.

  2. Yes, it is sad. But what of the Palestinians taking away rights of Christians who were there hundreds of years before. And what about the destruction of the Jewish communities of the Muslim countries, the confiscation of lands, houses, the destruction if their synagogues? Where were the concerned citizens then? Why did middle eastern Jews come to Israel? Because of the terrible persecutions they endured, and being “dhimmis” or second class citizens! It is still happenning. Stop making the Israelis the only demons. Christians and Muslims are also. Tell their countries to be fair to everyone!

  3. this documentary make me wonder if hitler was right about the jewish people hmm.