Transmission 6-10

Survivors of slave labour, brainwashing, torture and attempted organ
harvesting combine with an investigative journalist, and eminent
experts, to discuss the contentious subject of Genocide in modern-day
China, which increasingly involves the West.


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  1. Good subject. Far too many annoying effects (TC screen overlay, distortion, feedback) and far, far too much writing. Some voice-over would have been better than 30 words requiring reading every 20 seconds.

    The screen overlay would have been OK if it wasn’t overused as it was. The audio feedback was awful in any amount though.

  2. Another shit country like North Korea … scared to give their people real freedom

  3. I tried to watch this, I really did; but Utube sucks and the pauses were driving me CRAZY!!!

  4. we need to get all those people OUT of there. They are better off in the US. Let China suffer the way Germany did during the expulsion of the German Jews. We will take all their brightest stars, and then the CCP can just….fuck off.

  5. China is a shithole of corruption and death…fyi

  6. China is a shithole of corruption and death…fyi

  7. Falun Gong is a fucking hoax just as much as the Chinese government. You have no idea how corrupted and rich this Falun Gong enterprise is. I’ve seen how they promote their MAGICS. Basically, if you try hard enough you’ll become a god yourself. SCREW YOU!

  8. This documentary has some good information and interviews. The editing, however is annoying as fuck. Also the audio has some sort of annoying tone (to add atmosphere?)that plays through most of it and sometimes makes it hard to hear the people being interviewed.

    Iv known about the struggles of the Falun Gong for a few years now, but i was sometimes surprised by the perspective offered. Such as in the case of the “self immolated monks” and the possible motives behind that event.

    Overall; not bad. the subject matter and information is very interesting, but the stupid video editing will be pissing you off by the end. :s

  9. Excellent documentary on what is really happening behind closed doors in China. A bit lenghty but very detailed.

  10. Sounds like our mainstream media. Brainwash us into being Sharia compliant, and against Christianity. Here’s a portion of what the media reported today on the Glenn Beck rally on Saturday, Aug. 28, 2010.

    ‘HOPE’ you’re not afraid of being OVERWHELMINGLY WHITE.

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    “Meanwhile, many in the PREDOMINANTLY WHITE CROWD bent over backward to insist that they are not racists and to note that the crowd was courteous, despite heat and density.” — James Hohmann, Politico

    “Beck says he and his OVERWHELMINGLY WHITE followers ‘are the inheritors and protectors of the civil- rights movement.’” — Ben Adler, Newsweek

    “Though the audience at the event was OVERWHELMINGLY WHITE, many of the speakers were African-American, including a woman who sang a song about unity.” — Brian Montopoli, CBS

    “Claiming the legacy of the nation’s Founding Fathers and repeatedly evoking civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr., the speakers at the ‘Restoring Honor’ rally exhorted a vast and OVERWHELMINGLY WHITE crowd to concentrate not on the history that has scarred the nation but instead on what makes it ‘good.’” — Philip Rucker & Carol Morello, Washington Post

    “A relatively dense and OVERWHELMINGLY WHITE crowd stretched from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial out past the Washington Monument.” — Mark Benjamin,

    “The speaker list was diverse, including African Americans, Latinos and Native Americans; Jews and Christians; clergymen, military veterans and sports stars, including Albert Pujols of the St. Louis Cardinals. The crowd, however, was OVERWHELMINGLY WHITE.” — Michael A. Memoli and Kim Geiger, LA Times

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