Trapped Inside My Body

Trapped Inside My Body is an incredibly moving film which follows a young married couples mission to discover relief for the husband John, who suffers from the heartbreaking condition known as Moto Neurone Disease (MND).

MND is a horrible disease which imprisons an otherwise perfectly healthy mind inside a body you have no control over. You have the ability to think as clearly as you did before being diagnosed, but now you can’t hug your partner or hold your children. This is John Bells reality who at thirty years old is one of the youngest people to suffer from MND.

John used to be a semi-professional football player and was looking forward to a bright future with his childhood sweetheart, Charlotte. However, John has currently lost the ability to walk, dress or feed himself and as he condition worsens the couple seem to come across a glimmer of hope. This film follows them in a last ditch attempt to help treat this condition as they travel to China in order to undergo a controversial foetal stem cell therapy.

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