Trench Town: The Forgotten Land

Trench Town is a powerful look into the lives of the children living there. As one boy says, “Every morning as I rise, I hear gunshots firing”. Indeed, as we follow the children to school we can see gunshot filled signs and walls, little shacks ready to collapse, army tanks and car bombs. It is a dangerous risk just to get to school for these kids. Many of the older kids are in gangs because they have grown up in such a hopeless area with no reason to live. The average age for gangs is 14-25. The police are out numbered so it makes it difficult to put a stop to the warring trench town. The people battle for control over the local dons but also kill for fun. Children explain how it is difficult to find any hope when they must risk their lives every day.

Many children have had family members killed and have to continue to hear gunshots wherever they go, even at night when they want to sleep. Despite the tragic situation, the children explain how they still have dreams. One wants to be a lawyer, another wants their novel published and another wishes to become a flight attendant. Unfortunately, education is extremely difficult amidst the warring town. A police sergeant explains how politicians gave the dons weapons in the 60s in return for votes and to this day they do not have the tools to overpower the gangs that have formed because of this. Children often have no better choice. Leaving school because they must search for food and fight for survival, they will turn to the only thing they can and that is killing. Trench Town explores the situation through the eyes of the children that are so affected by this but who still have hope.

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  1. Its amazing how politics and governments don’t change much from region to region around the world. Oppression of “the other group” seem to dominate.

  2. This was quite a shock! It seems as if the Jamaican govt. couldn’t care less about the people that are trapped in Trench Town. These citizens can’t afford to get out! The powers that be are allowing innocent people to lose their lives as if they meant nothing.. Why not prevent more firearms from getting in and confiscate the illegal ones? This is so sad and disturbing.

  3. Well made doc, nicely shot and interesting interviews