Trouble In Amish Paradise

Just a few hours drive from the noisy streets of Philadelphia and New York, there is another world. It is a world that seems to be frozen in time, home to a people who’s way of life has barely changed since their forefathers settled there almost 300 years ago.

These are the Amish, they are bound by a code of strict rules that govern every aspect of their lives, rules that keep the modern world out. They are not allowed use the mains electricity or drive cars and they are not allowed be filmed which is the reason why this documentary is so unique.

Through two remarkable men who allowed BBC filmmakers into their lives, we get a glimpse into the real Amish way of life. However they themselves are beginning to question the very rules which make them Amish, and the consequences for this is excommunication and total rejection by their own people. This is the story of their agonising struggle to decide whether to leave the only world they have ever known.

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  1. i hope the lovely family does not feel that their daughters cancer is due to any of their decisions. if someone can tell them that it is very possible that their daughter is sick due to their parents exposure to the accident at three mile island as it is likely their parents were raised in the same area. the 90 mile radius around that plant is some of the most toxic land in the country. childhood leukemia rates of survival are getting better and better everyday and i will pray for them and her. i hope they educate themselves to the dangers that the legacy of three mile island still pose. best wishes.

  2. Wow. Words cannot express the travesty here. An entire culture of people locked into a primitive belief in various forms of superstition and magical thinking. And the protagonist family is perhaps even more deluded than the church they struggle with. The nail in the coffin is that they are expecting their FIFTH child. Completely and totally irresponsible to have that many children in this present world condition.