Trouble on the Estate

BBC’s Panorama visits a housing estate in Shadsworth, Blackburn in an attempt to understand what it is like to live in one of Britain’s poorest areas. This programme follows the families and children living there along with the police who have been tasked with dealing with the areas anti social behavior and drug dealers.

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  1. Nothing like Housing Projects in America not that they are exactly the same. I’ve seen some fairly rough ones in Belfast. The common denominator there with the exception of the one hard working couple was the slobs calling themselves parents. They have far more to do with their children’s outcome then government programs ever will. The one lady appeared useless completely!!!

  2. For those not working, maybe entrepreneurship might be a solution.

  3. What is it that makes welfare and children in public housing more susceptible to anti social behavior. I think because they don’t have the foundations needed to create stability. They are surrounded by negative things. Fathers in jail, drugs, and poverty. Even if your parent(s) try to keep you away from trouble you can still run the risk of falling prey to negative influences. The government must do everything to keep drugs out of public housing and have activities to keep kids busy along with mentors to show good images and help guide them in their careers and education.

    • you cannot base it on such a wide range of factors. I respect your opinion, however i have grown up on a well known estate that holds a name for being violent and full of ‘scum’ however i have just bought my first house, which is a newly built house, and i am forging a future for myself. I believe that one of the biggest factors is the morals and attitudes a parent passes to a child which will allow them to believe they can have a bright and successful future. I can say from experience that being judged as ‘scum’ or ‘dossers’ by better of people is crushing and a huge issue as this knocks a youth back and grinds it into them that they are nothing and that’s the way it will be. I currently work as a nuclear engineer and i strive to build a legacy in my own name to prove to everyone that you cannot judge a person on a life that they a born into. I will create my future, not allow people to tell what im going to be.