Trudell was born in Omaha, Nebraska on February 14, 1946. Son of a Santee Sioux father and a Mexican mother, he grew up around the Santee Sioux Reservation located in northern Nebraska near the corner of South Dakota.

In 1963 when he was only 17 years old he dropped out of high school and left the Midwest by joining the US Navy, and served in the early years of the Vietnam War. He served in the navy until 1967. He attended college at San Bernardino, studying radio and broadcasting. After six years of college, he was unable to find employment. Disillusioned, he sought a better life through political activism.

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  1. The Arrogent elite Taking what ever they want and don’t give a F@#K about the trail of missery they leave in thier NARCASISTC wake. My self Being of Scottish decent know only to well the ways of these Greedy Selfish Bastards that TURNED on thier OWN KIND Because they COULD. HAIL the Wise Ones of the Oppressed Tribes/Clans who speak out and preseve the Pride In Us to Remember WHO we are and WHERE WE COME FROM!!!! 

  2. To Ta Say From: Proudfoot “Apache”~ Trudell A true Brother.. I’m 51 winters long, on this reservation, and again inspired by the great spirit. A great man you should watch is 
    Russel Means ~ Lakota – “Welcome to the reservation” 

  3. He is such an inspiration!  I am so grateful for people like John Trudell who live what they believe, stand for it, and inspire others to it!  Thank You so much John Trudell, Thank you!

  4. What brilliant and beautiful soul. The state of this world is troubling. I wish we had more people like Trudell.

  5. So where in the hell is the media saturation for this man??? Why is it that people without real talent or a message such as his and his people aren’t constantly bombarded by msm coverage?? If this happened then maybe our natives wouldn’t be so oppressed.

  6. oh great another video that can’t be watched! Why does DH still have them on here? This is the third one I’ve tried to watch tonight.

  7. yeah, one thing of sure, it will take another form of governance to heal the mess that the americans made, this of course does not include the First Nations of our mother earth – turtle island.
    The damage caused by the system cannot heal itself through another form of abuse and neglect. Remember one thing: Looking awaty does not make it go away, it still remains.

  8. A modern day philosopher, poet, activist. I truly enjoyed this documentary