The True Cost of Climate Denial

When President Trump announced his plans to withdraw America from the landmark Paris climate agreement he was faced with condemnation from not only the public but many leading corporate figures such as Elon Musk (founder of Paypal, Tesla and Space X) and Tim Cook (CEO of Apple). This however did not deter him from pulling out.

The Paris agreement was one which many hailed as the worlds best chance to collectively limit the impact of climate change on Earth. In this VICE special we see founder Shane Smith explores the first effects of climate change, how they are already being felt and the projections which are not all that pretty, estimating $40 trillion worth of damage worldwide.


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  1. co2 threats are non-existent. Lack of morals, family values, addictions, and drugs are. The earth is fine. People aren’t. Humans are very disturbed and always have been. Power and money drives everything. I save my money, don’t need any govt. Freedom.

  2. Funny these people never mention persistent jet contrails or what effect geo engineering has on climate. Isn’t geo engineering the deliberate manipulation of the Earth’s climate? If you want to have a serious discussion about climate change let’s address these two issues first. Without that dialogue these videos amount to nothing more than bull.

  3. lot of anger and odd comments in this section. but just want to say even the people who watch this and don’t believe it don’t matter near as much as the people who will. Those who can view information critically and really understand this reality deeply will use their energy to spread change and action in their own ways as more videos like this keep being spread and taken seriously! Really glad I stumbled upon this video because I learned more about the political corruption involved in this crisis and not just the science.

  4. More climate alarmist propaganda from left leaning socialists/communists. First we get fake news reports, now fake weather prognostications. The elitists fly in their private jets, while at the same time hawking “carbon emissions” and so-called “anthropogenic” climate change. Wake up sheeple …

    • I do so hope that one day you will attain a suitable level of education to be deeply ashamed of the words you write here.

      • I do hope that one day you will attain a suitable level of common sense and reason so as to not be so gullible and conform to every wild and wacko notion of the socialist Left.

        On second thought, forget it …

        • You are utterly deluded. Climate change has nothing to do with ‘left’ or any other political affiliation,. It’s basic schoolboy level physics that has been know and understood for over 70 years now.
          You are literally insane. Pathological denial of observable reality.

    • What a ridiculous comment.
      Man made climate change is a proven fact.
      You are either completely ignorant of basic schoolboy level physics or you are deliberately lying.
      Just shut the fuck up and get out of the way.

      • It’s clear by your mindless rhetoric and filthy mouth, you’ve been brainwashed by leftist commie/socialist propaganda. Do your research and start learning.

        Here’s a good start. Begin now, and get your act together …

        • You are the brainwashed idiot – and I have no duty of respect to you pig-ignorant and lying pieces of shit. Anyone still denying climate change at this late juncture is either a paid shill or fucking unhinged. And don’t insult me with your pathetic thousand times falsified BS vids on Youtube. I have been studying climate science for 17 years and get my information from experts and real time data – not morons and paid hacks.
          If you don’t have the guts to admit that events have long ago proved the last of the deniers utterly wrong at least have the decency to just shut the fuck up and get out of the way of those trying to prevent disaster.
          The laws of physics don’t give a damn about anyone’s politics idiot.

          • This person’s anonymous name tells you he or she believes in fiction.

          • What the fuck has my name got to do with the simple observable reality of climate change. You are literally insane – it’s called pathological denial.
            It’s not rocket science. If you increase the volume of a known heat-trapping gas by 44% as we have done you are going to trap more heat.
            How can you possibly not? Sheesh. You people are just a waste of time. How on Earth you can continue to deny the obvious when it is happening all around you and all over the planet. Just amazing denial.

  5. In the 1960’s children made fun of the adults with Greenland, and the children would say, “Look how stupid the adults are calling Greenland Green when in truth it is all white with snow and ice; stupid adults.”

    However, it does appear that the joke is now on those children because Greenland is now Green! EYE 5

  6. One of the main problems is that it is difficult to convince ordinary decent people that there really are some sub-human psychopaths who happen to be fossil fuel billionaires who are quite literally prepared to sacrifice the future of global civilisation and maybe even the human race just to add a few more billions to the billions they already can’t spend. I can understand that it is hard to accept that such evil exists but sadly it does.
    These scum are genuinely genocidal psychopaths and they don’t care.

  7. Who pays, the 99%, We the 1% make money.