True Crime: Phil Spector

An actress turns up dead at the home of Phil Spector and the music legend is charged with murder. Crime writer Aphrodite Jones uncovers videotape that Spector hoped would clear his name, but instead is a damning self-portrait.

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  1. Excellent documentary on the Phil Spector trial. I had always wondered about what led up to this event, and how a revered person like this would get mixed up in a murder.

  2. cheesy, factually incomplete documentary. its frustrating how compelling stories become sensationalist garbage via tv production companies. over-simplified, over-stupefied.

    there are many better docs on the phil spector murder case elsewhere

  3. It is about time that a celebrity was accountable.The vultures that that defend then put all of us at risk and meanwhile scooping up the whealth of their c clients.