Trump’s New America

America’s 2016 election boiled down to a race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, two of the most controversial presidential candidates we have ever seen and as a result the race itself became the most bitter and ugly in living memory.

With Trump coming out victorious BBC reporter Hilary Andersson travels to the states in order to meet up with some Americans on both sides of the electoral race Republican and Democratic, but whom share a common feeling of having been disillusioned and disenfranchised by the electoral process.

This Panorama special ask’s if America’s new president can tap into this feeling of unrest and unite America once again?

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  1. Socialism and Marxism claim to distribute wealth and power. Sounds great in theory. What really happens is all the wealth gets concentrated into a very few hands, giving ultimate power and control to a few. Then they misuse it for their own benefit. Now everyone else gets mad so they have to implement draconian controls to maintain their arrangement, which they have come to love way more than anyone else’s life, liberty and happiness. Every kind of government you can think of has been tried, and virtually all end up with the same result. The masses get screwed. Every time. The only exception seems to be a democratic republic. You still end up with a concentration of power but it is spread over a wider base and blunted by checks and balances which are clunky but better than none. Come up with a better solution and I’m open. Social justice is dead with overly concentrated control of power and wealth within a nation. It is also dead when it’s a free for all. Now you’re talking Walking Dead without the Zombies. You gotta find a balance. Nobody said it was going to be easy channeling human nature so it works somewhat harmoniously with itself.

    • I agree Bruce, it does sound great in theory and sadly you are right. However, capitalism is not the answer either. Look at it objectively. It too has fallen far from its ideals. What really happens is all the wealth gets concentrated into a very few
      hands, giving ultimate power and control to a few. Then they misuse it
      for their own benefit.

      • But with Capitalisms anyone can make it if you want to go out and work for it where socialisms promotes dependency on the government which only gives you enough to survive. People become lazy and dependent and that keeps the government in total control of every aspect of their lives.

      • Nothing is ideal. All we can hope to do is balance interests. No matter what we do however, bullies will always win out and abuse the rest of us. We just have to figure out how the average person sustains the minimum disadvantage. Capitalism in a democratic republic is the best we have figured out so far – in highly populated civilizations. If we had a philosopher king who never died, that might be best. But, we don’t and never will.

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  3. What a biased, one way, POS documentary this is. This Hilary is a typical liberal only telling half the story or less. Go back to England and your socialist utopia that’s falling a part after giving up control of your own country.