The Truth About Immigration

Its the dead of night off the choppy waters of the south coast, Nick Robinson is setting out to try and solve a political mystery. His journey like so many before him begins on a voyage to Britain. For decades whether by sea or by air millions have come to these shores, making Britain a nation of immigrants but now anxiety about the next wave of arrivals has reached an all time high. The question is why? The government is eager to be seen to be cracking down, illegal immigrants are being told to go home. Politicians are competing to talk tough. The arrival of people from all over the world has changed the face of Britain forever. Was it part of some secret plan fro Britain? or was it a hugh miscalculation?

There were more predictions of another invasion by Romanians and Bulgarians, so far though its yet to materialize. Some say Britain has a history of unnecessary panics about immigration. Immigrants have helped make Britain wealthy so could the backlash damage the country?

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  1. Flooding of immigrants will make the challenge of unity amongst people much harder, and the ruling power is well aware of this fact.