The Truth about Payday Loans

Miquita Oliver used to be a famous television presenter and radio personality in the UK until she filed for bankruptcy in 2011. As someone who is very familiar with the burdens of having huge debts looming over her head, she hosts this documentary on payday loans.

With teenagers and young adults facing rocketing unemployment rates and limited resources, many have turned to payday loans as an easy and fast means of getting cash. Their offices are in abundance and their advertisements make it seem so harmless, however most are unaware of the extremely high interest rates they charge.

Throughout the film, Miquita interacts with several young adults and teenagers who have found the payday loans offers hard to resist. They talk about what makes them keep going back for more fast cash and the path they are ultimately led to: overwhelming debt, strained family relations and attempted suicide.

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  1. 2% per month is still way too high…

  2. Youuuuuu have this coming.

  3. One word. Retards.