The Truth About Personality

Michael Mosley explores the latest science about how our personalities are created and whether they can be changed.

Despite appearances, Mosley is a pessimist who constantly frets about the future. He wants to worry less and become more of an optimist. He tries out two techniques to change this aspect of his personality – with surprising results.

He travels to the frontiers of genetics and neuroscience to find out about the forces that shape all our personalities.

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  1. i noticed that during the first test they say that his right brain is more active, causing more somber thoughts, however with the double wrist banded test they attribute the right side (wrist) to be associated with stress and showing higher stress levels. shouldn’t it be the results be opposite? that if the right brain were more active the left side should be expressing signs of stress? or are these two attributes unrelated?

  2. Nothing I didn’t know, really… although some people might get inspired 🙂

  3. Mmmmmm… , ..quite okay, but nothing really special…