Tutankhamun: The Truth Uncovered

In 1922 Howard Carter and George Herbert discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun, it was found nearly entirely intact and instantly received worldwide press coverage sparking a new public interest in ancient Egypt for which the mysterious mask of Tutankhamun remains the popular symbol.

However since the discover of his tomb, one question in particular has hung over the tale of Tutankhamun and that is how did he die? It is known that he was the boy pharaoh who died at the young age of 19 but the circumstances of his death have always intrigued egyptologists.

Through new scientific research and using CT scan data of his fragile remains this documentary reveals the very first scientifically accurate image of the king’s corpse. DNA analysis also uncovers another secret, one involving Tutankhamun’s family background. The genetic trail of clues lead to a new theory which further explain his death.

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  1. This was so informative and it is scientifically correct. I love how they were willing to let themselves be disproved to get closer to the real story. This really helped me with my research paper!!

  2. I really enjoyed this but … they started off in the documentary talking about the rushed burial, and then never returned to it. If it’s so bizarre, why just leave it hanging?


  4. This was a GREAT doc. I love how they used the autopsy and analysis of DNA to negate their ideas along the way, which ultimately brought them to real conclusions. Loved it!!!