UFO: The Greatest Story Ever Denied

Somewhere in the back of your mind, you’ve always known it was true. Special Features: Trevor James Constable – Critter footage that has never been released for over fifty years that reveals entities that exist in the invisible Ultra-Violet spectrum.

Image Tampering – Learn what to look for and where to find structures on the Moon and Mars that have been hidden from you through deliberate tampering by NASA.

Moon – Mars Anomalies – A collection of photos containing highly unusualstructures and other objects you aren’t supposed to know about. Suppressed Inventions – UFO and other related technologies. Infra-Red UFO Footage – Featuring George Ritter’s Infra-Red footage.

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  1. The background music need to be louder I can still hear the narrator…..somehwhat.

  2. The mixing audio is 100% AWFUL

    What did you use, a potato?

  3. okay.. so.. theres alot of craters on the moon and small rocks and stuff flying around. are they going to zoom at everything or does this video actually have something to show? waste of time

  4. I have met many educated people in my time living in the Bay Area, people with Ph.d’s from Berkeley, Reed, Stanford, UCLA and even Prniceton. They all insisted they knew everthing about physics and argued it, most interestingly, (upside-down magenta quarks, muons, tangential string-field theory, Einstein, time travel, relativity, while I served red and white wine, scotch and tried to keep up). They were all halted and embararrasingy silent when I asked what gravity was, what generated it and how one could negate its effects? They congradulated me for asking such an interesting question, mumbled among themselves and again saluted me for asking an interesting question. This is the status of our finest minds in physics. My question after that night in San Francisco: What else do they not know?

  5. They should make a movie about the stories here. ~~If done right~it would be awesome!

  6. I like what the Gentleman said around 11:50. I Totally agree I would Not tell them anything! ~~Assholes make you feel like your Hallucinating,stupid or just lying.~~ A lot of people have witnessed UFO’s some I’m sure are lying but not everyone can be. ~~I’ve seen some strange unexplained objects in the sky in my 40 years. They can lie all they want I no what I saw and wouldn’t let them change my opinion of what I saw with my own eyes.~~~Weather Balloons,Swamp Gas~Give us a break jerks. I mean at least try to come up with something better.

  7. Wow.  I assumed all the complaints about the music was just an exageration.  Unwatchable.  Make that unlistenable.

    Fortunately, this seems to be a rehashing of other, more professionally made, documentaries.  If there is any new info presented, I wouldn’t be able to pick it out from under the music. 

  8.  Once you have mentally separated the content from the presentation, this is an excellent collection of testimonies & information. However the presentation gets in the way too many times. And that damn music….

  9. yes agreed…how dense does a film maker need to be to put out a film edited by some novice clearly…my god man what a waste off hard work and money to have this end result, and the content looked interesting from what i could stand until i turned it off…JACKASSES

  10. srsly the music in this video is god damn loud

  11. This would be watchable were it not for the extremely loud and extremely annoying “background” music…. that effectively drowns-out the narration and pervades the entire documentary, from beginning-to-end.

  12. perhaps someone with some real balls like Julian Assange of Wikileaks should address this issue

  13. The part about the tether got me thinking that it looks more like out-of-focus near stuff than 3 mile wide things. The crew did say it was debris floating nearby and with binocular eye-site, they’d be able to tell.

    That big orb was so ‘thin’ that even passing in front of the tether the brightness of it would overwhelm it. If there’s a better image with color or something like that you could see more clearly, I’d like to see that!

    Still, it sure does look like sperm flying around looking for an egg 🙂

  14. Belief of ufos aside, it seems that the armed forces desire to deny and keep everything secret regard unidentified objects in the ww2 has set the stage for a never-ending wall of secrecy to which so much can be read into be it true or not.

    But from the armed forces side, why would they admit anything during time of war or cold war that would potentially expose a weakness (like shooting down a weather balloon or catching a fast moving object) to the enemies of the country. Then later while creating new craft with amazing abilities such as stealth, how could they ever drop that veil? I mean, why let the enemy know what you know? It’s the perfect veil of secrecy blending what may be from what never was and what truly is?

    I can’t see how this can be resolved except by real physical proof of an intelligent alien. But then there will always be people who would likely believe it to be more dis-information.

  15. I saw a documentary on TV a few years back where some fellow had captured these same critters flying around the mouth of a sinkhole in Mexico that sky divers jump into.They were only seen after viewing the image, never with the human eye. This is for a specific reason due to the way cameras work. In other words, there are no critters at all, and here’s why.

    As any winged object flies through the frame, the wing is moving up/down. Depending on the position of the object in the frame, the wingtip may be at anywhere along the movement from the top/bottom of a single flap.
    A very fast shutter speed minimizes this so you get a crisp shot of a flying bird.

    If the object moves across the image closer to the lens, it would fly by faster than if further away. Depending on how slow the shutter speed was, the object may move across the image area during a single frame or more. The more it gets dark out or the darker the main view of the image area, the slower the shutter.

    Critters are regular insects or such that have been captured by the camera as they fly by. As they zip by, they are nothing more than a blurred streak (unless you pan the camera with their movement of course). If the wing beat of the object is greater than the shutter speed, you’ll see its wings higher/lower than the body as it moves across the screen in a constant flow. Since it’s just one object (a point if you may) its position between frames jumps so that where it was at the end of the previous frame is where it is at the start of the next. It moves across the image in the mean time. So, the blurs start/end with one another between each shot. They never overlap as would any creature with a length to it as it moves across the screen. It’s the camera effect we’re calling critters. They otherwise don’t exist.