UFO’s, Lies and The Cold War

Autumn 1989. Thousands of people sighted UFO’s over Belgium. Interceptors scrambled, but were unsuccessful. Some of the objects were picked up on radar, but the phenomenon remains a mystery. The Belgian airforce believe the sightings were genuine. At a press conference general De Brouwer the matter-of-factly without attempting to play them down, as the US air force usually does. He showed the video of an F-16’s radar screen and the flight path over Belgium of one of the objects. UFO’s, Lies and The Cold War is a documentary that attempts to uncover what actually happened at these sightings, and tries to understand whether the media and government played any important role during these events.

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  1. could it have been a collective illusion?? fuck off you prick

  2. It is on youtube

  3. No video visible, just a blank white space ???

  4. When ever there was a war or weapons tests there are sights. (must have been the A Bomb that drew them here)

  5. Its getting silly now, so much is coming out, how long will the government take to tell us the truth? we are not stupid and can handle the truth. Learn you true history. Take a look ay my blog for more conspiracy theories

  6. I think we are being closely watched because humans are the most ferocious animal that exist and if we get too powerful they must destroy us.

    Most people will probably scoff at this because we humans are very egocentric
    but just look at our history

  7. I do believe that although many UFO sightings are of natural phenomenon at least most if not all actual ‘craft’ UFO’s seen since the 1940’s are man-made and are really quite simplistic in nature making use of the earth’s natural electrical environment just like lightning does(charge differential primarily).

    Nikola Tesla began developing EMFS technology in the early 1930’s, I have a hard time believing that the U.S military which has led technological advancement over the past 7 decades or so has regressed in understanding of the conceptually simplistic yet technically advanced science Tesla created a large amount of thorough research on in the 30’s and 40’s(which they took possession of upon his death in the 50’s and classified).

    I would even venture to point out that if the U.S military was doing EMFS research in the late 40’s it would have most likely have been done at the Groom Lake facility which is not that far from Roswell, and what with Nazi scientists known to have had interest in EMFS technology under the 3rd Reich being under contract to the U.S DOD after 1945 and located mainly at Groom Lake(and other facilities nearby in New Mexico) as well it seems likely the 1947 crash at Roswell was a prototype EMFS of some sort.

    I’m not sure which is crazier – my view of the possibility that the U.S military over the period of the last 70 years or so has advanced the science of EMFS technology that was ‘born’ in the 1930’s, or that any such ‘craft’ UFO’s must be of extraterrestrial origin because the U.S military doesn’t know how to advance simplistic science(based in elementary electrical engineering) when given many decades and the virtually unlimited resources they have available for it…

    Meh, only time will tell what the truth actually is, maybe.

  8. Check out his website. Oh man, its like somebody turned the concept of insanity directly into a bunch of paragraphs. Evidently, he was subtly brainwashed by the military, and that there is a virus that has infected half of the world’s population that was engineered by blah blah blah

    i don’t even know if I got that right, my eyes kinda glazed over as I read it.

    Dallas, you’re a treasure!

  9. This site is not for promoting your sub-high school ramblings.

    Your misuse of “light years” to indicate a period of time rather than distance tells us all we need to know about your intellegence and the extent of research you undertook for your ‘book’: the inverted commas highlighting it isn’t a book as its not been published.

  10. Wow, Dallas Thompson. You seem to type in that very specific way that most crazy people do. Lots of ellipses and quotation marks.

  11. There is an element of manipulation… Part government, part natural phenomenon… The spin masters are outstanding blending all facets of the “truth” to suit their needs… My book: Eyes Wide Shut: An Enigma, is fiction based upon actual facts. The experimental flying weapon platforms, both manned and unmanned are light years ahead of our “reality.” ..and perhaps there are “visitors…