UFOs: The Secret Evidence

A handful of foo fighter sightings could be dismissed as pilot error, but there were hundreds, if not thousands. Could they really just be the hallucinations of tired or terrified men? “Call me Einstein, Flash Gordon or just plain crazy, but I know what I saw!” declared civilian pilot Kenneth Arnold, referring to the nine strange aircraft he’d seen flying rapidly in formation over Mount Rainier, Washington on the afternoon of 24 June 1947.

It was, however, not the shape of the craft themselves but the way they had moved through the sky that would fix itself in the popular imagination. ‘They flew like a saucer would if you skipped it across water,’ Arnold told reporter Bill Bequette of the East Oregonian who then went on to use the term ‘flying saucer’ for the first time in the national press.

A few weeks later, when the July 8 edition of the Roswell Daily Record appeared in New Mexico with the front page headline ‘Army Air Force Captures Flying Disc in Roswell Region’, the transformation of motion into archetypal form was complete. Although both stories originated in local newspapers, they were quickly picked up all over the world, and the lure of the flying saucer, the promise implied in its ellipsoid shape, has subsequently pervaded modern popular culture.

Whatever the truth of these two controversial incidents, they established flying-saucer science as one part Einstein, one part Flash Gordon, with just a creative dash of craziness

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  1. Load a nonsense.

  2. Looks like another case of an ADHD reporter on the beat. First an engineer sees a massive triangle shaped UFO. Then our host deciedes to pass off U2 flights as a a UFO sighting? A fixed wing sub sonic aircraft that look like every other bird in the sky? Then the Russians are seeing this thing at 50 thousand feet and think it’s a U
    FO? Take a couple more ridilan asshole and focus on what your tryinto tell us. Their frickin radar can’t even see it, let alone someone on the ground….

  3. In view of the past false flag attack against the twin towers and No,7, which are proven as a government scheme to manipulate the American people to support a whole century of war against terrorism, this, plus many other government fabrications are satisfactory empirical proof of government complicity in the appearance of the UFO’s over Washington D.C in 1952.
    Phoenix, Ariz had a recent similar flying black triangle. The government is doing this to create fear in the USA. I expect the Nazi scientists joined the US effort realizing, we were just like them. The fight over oil and water now dwindling, and the planned destruction of the economy are coordinated to eventually set up a National SoCIAist world government with physio tic elites to gain total control of theses drying resources. The planet minus cheap oil cannot feed everyone, something has to give. Hence the Global warming fraud and the elimination by starvation of perhaps billions coming, also planned. Not surprisingly, this agrees with Christian Scripture written 2,000 years ago.

  4. I recommend watching “The Day Before Disclosure”. If it were a trial in any court of the world, these witnesses would have guaranteed a conviction.

  5. When they do arrive (the greys) the Pleidians will allow them to have their way with us for ahwile (I hope not too many generations) and then they will come to ‘rescue’ us but only to use us for their own devices (they are basically human, after all). But to fight factions of opposing empires. If anything I have learned is true then we are in for a thousand-year war and it hasn’t even begun yet. If you are alive when they (the greys) arrive, do nothing. We cannot confront them until the Pleidians enter the fray. Just what I’ve disseminated on many websites. I hope none of it is true but if it is then we are due for a fantastic ride of twenty generations.

  6. sadly, only part of the video loads…. 🙁

  7. The Nazis had “unmanned aerial combat vehicles”, according to John Dering.  They were in production, he says.  So let’s see one, please.  Our pilots never destroyed one and we captured the whole country.  Where are they?

    And in that mine around minute 12:00, we’re told the Nazis “sealed” caverns…but everything they showed looked like a cave wall, no signs of collapse.

    And the investigator has never heard of Betty and Barney Hill.