Ukraine’s Forgotten Children

Ukraine got it’s independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, under the soviet system a mother who had just given birth was able to abandon her new born baby in the maternity ward by simply signing it over to the state. Today the legacy of that system is that state care has become the norm for children with any kind of disability. As a result of this there are 10 times as many children in state care in Ukraine then there are in the UK.

Under the charter of the United Nations of which Ukraine is a founding member, everyone has basic rights irrespective of illness or disability but even when they grow up many of Ukraine’s orphans become trapped in the system with no right of appeal and no right to have their voices heard.

In this documentary we see filmmaker Kate Blewett travel to the Ukraine in search for answers as to how after two decades of independence disabled children are being cared for. Blewett also sets out to talk to young people who have grown up in state care and hear their stories.

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