Unconstitutional: The War On Our Civil Liberties

The United States has refused to abide by the Geneva Conventions. They are the rules of war that were developed after World War II. Basically what they say is when you capture people during a war, you have to treat them humanely. You have to give them medical assistance. You have to, first of all, decide who they are. They get this left to this tribunal that decides: Are you a prisoner of war? Are you a civilian? Do you have nothing to do with this war whatsoever? Unconstitutional: The War on Our Civil Liberties, is the third in a series of Public Interest Pictures films that follows Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election and Uncovered: The War on Iraq. True to their legacy, Unconstitutional provides the facts and stories that illuminate administration lies, wrongheaded policies, and the real victims of these actions – the American people.

Here, you’ll get the real story behind the USA PATRIOT Act and other administration policies and the gut wrenching stories behind those affected-from law-abiding store clerks to United States Olympians unable to travel. It’ll remind you of what America used to stand for and what it seems we’re falling for now. In short, this one-hour film will affirm why you’re angry and give you a tool to help others join your ranks.

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  1. Adolph Hitler formed his own type of September 11, 2001. He exploited the event to be used in the name of protecting the Homeland. Then Adolph Hitler undermined Germany’s own Constitution. After that, he was “LEGAL” at invading Nation after Nation in the act that these Nations were Terrorists against the Germany Homeland, and that Adolph Hitler, and the Germany Homeland were always the Victims of these so called Evil Terrorist Nations, and the Evil People that they harbored. Adolph Hitler was “Successful” simply because he was Smarter than the General Public that he undermined; thus, he becomes the Blueprint of How to dumb down the Public, and Why to dumb down the Public, and the Desired End Results that take place there upon. Adolph Hitler believed in Terror and Sabotage from “Within” which means to design events such like that of September 11, 2001; thus, the “Within” would mean upon “YOUR OWN PEOPLE” as a “Chessboard Sacrifice” then blame the “Non-Within” such as Foreign Nations as the Terrorists, and the Chess Strategy “WORKS LIKE A CHARM!” Thus, Adolph Hitler was given power and approval to invade the so called Foreign Terrorist Nations which eventually led to World War Two! This is the tight rope that the United States of America has been thrust upon by The White House; otherwise, there would be no reason to have a Documentary “Unconstitutional – The War On Our Civil Liberties.” If History is repeating; then a World War Three is in the making!
    EYE 5

  2. 16:58 It shows a single-frame shot of alleged hijacker ATTA caught on surveillance camera at the airport. Narration says: “Take a look at this man… he is about to fly a plane into the World Trade Center.” That is a false statement. There is NO footage of any alleged 19 Arabs at the airport that the four planes were said to have been hijacked from. This documentary began explaining how the Patriot Act was passed by Congress, which two or three claim the actual written citation was changed or modified and entered as law. It then dares to slip in this false statement. Beware of such tricks as THEY are constantly preparing the cover story to 9/11. ****** As for the Patriot Act, read Susan Lindauer’s EXTREME PREJUDICE which describes her arrest and litigation for being an “agent for Iraq” or similar. She not only gives an indepth view of the law, but she has proof she knew the plan for 9/11 in 4/01, five months before it happened, and she told the White House, the FBI, Attorney General Ashcroft and her friends from August 2001 on—“stay away from NY, a hijacked plane is planned to fly into the WTC.” ****** But more to the point of this documentary and others complaining about new laws that the people are losing their civil rights, etc.—NO ONE, HARDLY ANYONE cared when the drug laws were put on the books. Majority of the people support the drug laws. The drug laws have simply been expanded to include more people. So for those of you who feel you are too free to have to be subject to such restrictions and you are outraged, just STFU and realize how you long lost the right when you allowed the Govt to treat people you did not like to have less rights than you. That is what happened when people accepted and supported the drug laws. And do not try to claim a difference because drugs are “against the law.” That is part of the unjust law argument: arbitrary laws against drug users is unconstitutional. An adult using or just having a particular substance is NO CRIME. If it is no crime to you or your property, how and why should a person be arrested and imprisoned for it? If you claim the majority of people decide they want or need the law, I remind you the constitution supposedly protects the people from majority rule. The drug laws are HATE CRIMES, i.e bad law. One of the purposes of the drug laws was to condition the people to accept new laws that recall civil liberties. Naturally, the time would come to expand the laws and that is what they did. Apples and oranges are both fruit.

  3. No one is safe, it is just a matter of what is politically expedient. The media whores lie like demons in a effort to make us feel the government is trying to protect the people. Those who the fires forced to jump from the towers were also experiencing government protection. These top men are utter tyrants, who are so despicable when calling everyone else evil. They need to be hung along side the people who assassination Lincoln. They turned a free county into a gulag. No flesh shall glory, they don’t believe this, but I do and so does God. They will fight God Himself, and of course lose utterly.

  4. Very interesting doc. I found the last 20 minutes to be the most informative.
    I’m sorry to say that Canada has handed over “people of interest” to the U.S. government since 9/11. Canadian citizens who should have had rights.
    It was encouraging to see municipal governments standing up against the Patriots’ Act.

    The Canadian government tries to pass legislation all the time, very quietly and under the radar; hoping citizens won’t notice till its too late!

  5. Very great stuff in this video, Good watch.

  6. Very great stuff in this video, Good watch.